Sanders vs Judkins

After last week and Sanders poor stats, Judkins took the SEC Rushing lead by 24 yds.

I was hoping for a big night for Sanders and hoping we could stop Judkins. A third of the way through 3 quarters it was something like Judkins 81 Sanders like 220. Everything was proceeding as planned. Then Dammit we relaxed and Judkins got some big runs and finished with too many yds.

Judkins still has the SEC lead by what I think will be 6 yds. It will all be decided next week with Ark vs Missouri and Ole Miss vs Miss State.

Will have to look into which team has the better run defense… Missouri or Miss State. I’m thinking its Miss State. But it is rivalry week so who know what will happen.

Miss St can stop the run! Ole Miss will have their hands full! Missouri plays solid defense! It will be up to our O line next week for Sanders to come out on top as the SEC leading rusher.

Thing is, we took Rocket out for much of the second half.

They took out Judkins a lot as well… Evans had to have time to get 200+ yards for them too. I think Judkins and Sanders had close to the same number of carries.

Sanders typically gets lots of rest in games.

Rocket could have easily had a 300+ yard game last night.

If we had the same quality backups at QB that we have at RB, KJ would not be as banged up this season. You protect your studs as much as you can so you will have them when needed. Liberty beat us because KJ did not play AND their 3rd string QB played very well. Our 2nd and 3rd string QBs, not so much. So, KJ has to play a lot if we are going to succeed. I hope there are QBs looking at the portal and the fact that replacing KJ either next year or the next is wide open for a likely prospect.

The hogs threw a lick in the end zone and failed to play inspired in the first half against Liberty. The offense was dead!

Agreed. The effort by the Offensive Line was very lame. Minimal. I love Sam but he and his staff failed to “coach up” his favorite position players.

I have to agree. There have been times this season our O line has look really good and then the next series look like they have never played before.

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