San Jose State vs Air Force.. real eye opener

Air Force is man-handling San Jose State. They are just running at will between the tackles. As the announcer keeps saying “these running seams just seem to be enormous!”

Where the hell were those seams last week? sigh

Yep. AFA is my alma mater. I assure you AF O-line is not big and they have pushed SJSU around on both sides of the line. They have managed to pressure and hit the QB. Last week still puzzles me. I’m not saying we have bad coaches, but we had a horrid coaching performance last week.

Yep. Rushed for 327 yards last time I looked.

We do have bad coaches, Chavis and Morris for sure. Others i’m not sure. We had this great recruiting class and I know they are young , but we surely are a lot better than SJS. AF is proving that tonight!

Not yet ready to brand them “bad” but as a team we certainly seemed to be totally unprepared. We should have been able to line up and muscle through them much as Air Force did tonight.

In the first quarter, about the time AFA was stopping SJS for the second time on a 4th down, the announcers said that AFA is a better team than Arkansas. The way they played, he was right.

They were stating the obvious. We would be slumming with SJSU near the bottom of the Mountain West if we played in that conference.

I haven’t watched AF this year. I assume that AF still is running a version of the wishbone. Preparing for that offense is completely different than the RPO and they didn’t have an open week for preparation. So I can see why they’re getting beat badly.

There are running attacks and there are running games. Some run to be running, some run for a reason or effect, some run to win. All running is not equal.

You have to have an offensive line to make those seams.

Here is the reason they were gashing them, if you ever watched any of the naval academies, watch how thier offensive lineman all fire off the ball low and hard! They initiate the contact below the chest and try to drive thier man off the ball, often they are into the DL legs, that’s why they can create space and that is where they are totally totally different than us.We fire out high and try to position block which is a very soft way to attempt to block anybody.

There are some crayons drawing a sad face on grocery bags as we speak…

Air Force is a better team than Arkansas.

San Jose State was a better team that Arkansas last Saturday because the Razorbacks were not ready to play