San Diego State

I wrote from San Diego State’s post-game news conference following its loss to Arizona last night.


San Diego St 1.5 point favorite. A little surprised by that. Not sure if Vegas expects a letdown from us or line would have been the same regardless.

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SD St will be more rested.

They had only one player play as much as 30 minutes.

We had 5 play almost the entire game. The Mitchell’s played 7 and 8 minutes. The other 5 played 36 or more minutes.

Makes no sense whatsoever that they would be favored we were the higher ranked team and played a higher ranked team than they did and could have won

might be because we played so hard last night. it’s really hard to imagine our team having that much left in the tank.


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Caesar’s opening line early this morning was AR -1. Shortly thereafter, enough money came in on SD ST for them to flop that to SD -1 and then about an hour ago, it went to SD-1.5. For whatever it’s worth, Vegas bettors like SD St in this game.

There’s no doubt in my mind that we are a better team than SD St, but our loss was a monumental disappointment and it will be more difficult for us to get up again for this game. We expended sooo much energy in trying to overcome the horrid officiating, we may not have much left in the tank for tonight’s game. We can see how down our coach is. Can he put that aside in prep for SD St?

Of course he can, Larry. There is a lot of value in leaving Maui 2-1.

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I watched about 5 minutes of the San Diego State game, they did not look that potent on offense. The key will be what kind of intensity we are willing to put into the game and how sharply we can execute. We really need to win this last game so we can come home 2-1.

Ohio state is on the verge of knocking off Texas tech and San Diego State beat them by 11 so they obviously are very good basketball team so they won’t be anything easy about tonight’s game.


The line that’s really got me scratching my head is AZ-3.5 against Creighton. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Creighton beating them by double digits.

Creighton looked pretty good to me, too. But, what if their center was called for fouls (aka, like Arkansas’s); then they’d be ripe for the pickin.

I’ve been super impressed with Arizona.

A bunch of dang Swedes, Estonians and Serbians. :wink: AZ is like an all Euro team.


AZ is strong at the 4 and 5. We had new guys playing there.

It would be a nice resume win I think. SD St should be the class of the Mountain West this season and top 25 team. Offense could be bad for both teams. I can see a game in the 60s tonite for sure with the emphasis on hard-nosed defense for both teams.

That big Ballo from Arizona is destroying the big boy from Creighton. Why it’s important to have somebody that can score in the post. He had his way against us but has absolutely been manhandled in the paint, has no answer for him. He has 15 points and 6 rebounds in 10 minutes,

Arizona’s is kicking their butt up 11 with 30 seconds and a half 39-28… very good team. Creighton not doing anything against their defense.

Announcers said he looked off . . maybe sick or something, got bad food or maybe he just isn’t in shape for 3 games in 3 days.

It will be interesting too see how Arkansas responds tonite after the emotional gut-punch loss to Creighton.

Not sure it would really matter he simply does not have the physical ability to stop a skilled post player like that. I do agree he looks like he doesn’t feel real well but I’m not real sure it would matter.

Yeah that will determine whether we win or lose. San Diego State has a reputation for being very good on defense and if we come out cold as ice and let them jump on us we may never be able to catch up…

This is a big game for them because they’re trying to make a statement since they don’t get much publicity, they will probably be highly motivated.

Looks like I really read this game wrong. Creighton looks like they are completely gassed and the whole team looks a step slow. Missing lots of shots they were hitting against us.