Sam's comments on wanting 4 D Lineman on

the field at all times. I wonder if there was some tension between him and Odom or if Sam just has a different philosophy now after seeing a 3 man front for the past few years?

Dunno, but it may be that we played three because we didn’t have enough game-ready people to play/rotate through four positions. Which would not be a philosophy change, just adapting to what you had on the roster.


Sadly, this seems likely. Hopefully we have improved enough in this very important area so we can have four on the field when deemed optimal.

I think its the latter. I never sensed there was tension between Sam and Odom.

That said I did take note when Sam said a certain corner that may now stay at corner (though they will give him his shot to play both ways) might have wanted to move back to WR without the coaching chage. I assume he meant the corners position coach. But Could have been refering to Odom too. ho knows.

Sam alluded to this - briefly - during the press conference as he discussed the move to 4 DL. Said they didn’t necessarily have the personnel to do that previously - something like that.

I’m the SEC, it requires at least 8 and everyone of them better be real good, mean, quick, and fast with a strong dislike for QBs and running backs.


I am really excited about the 4 man front you saw how it did in the bowl game when we totally shut down a Kansas Run game that was very good coming in.

I’ve said it before plenty of times that it was always a whole lot easier for me to block 3 than it was 4 because it’s much harder to get to LB when you got your guards covered up. Plus it has a chance to really help us in recruiting because the 3 man was being used against us by other teams in the league

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Thanks for your insights. Very informative.

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He didn’t say “at all times” though. But he did give the impression that it would be most of the time, because “we’re set up for that now”. My take is that he does like it more than the three man, but the main thing is just having options. Becasue he did say toward the end of his comments on what Coach Williams brings to the defense schematically, is that we would have multiple fronts.

I believe Odom prefers 4 down linemen. He played that way previously. But you get your best 11 on field.

It takes two good inside tackles to play a 4 down look. If Carter is really like he was this time last year, what they can do up front changes.

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