Sampson offered extension

At Houston

6 year - $18 million ($3 million annually)

Fertitta is credited with the statement, “Kelvin won’t leave Houston because of my money.”

I just posted this in another thread, but figured some may overlook it. I don’t want Sampson, but if HY and the BOT really does, I’m interested in how much they’re willing to shell out.

A financially arrogant Texan can be a challenge in a deal like this. If it truly boils down to money with Sampson, then he may stay at UH. But who really knows if he likes his current AD, playing in the AAC, etc. – other aspects of the job. He may also be able to cut a deal for his son to be head coach there. I’m not too fired up about that.

I think we are just left out in the cold. Maybe it was Alaska,

That’s not all of it, he wants guarantees his son Kellen will step into his shoes as head coach when he steps down, currently kellen is one of the assistance

Yes, I’ve posted that a few times as well. That’s one of the main reasons I’m against hiring him.

We gotta have Pearl. Some guy name holster man or something is making over $7 mil at Ohio state, for crying out loud. Can we please offer Pearl $6 and get this train rolling please.

HCIW means nothing, ask Will Muschamp at Texass. All contracts have outs, ask one of our former coaches, lol.

Oh wow, was unaware of this. I wonder if Yurachek would say sorry, no deal?

I live for the day that Arkansas pays top 5 money for top 5 expectations.

I hope we don’t even offer the scumbag Pearl! He is a disgrace!

The problem for HY will be that all this stuff about the son as the Prince of Wales is out there, and he is going to get asked directly by media and fans whether he promised KS that would happen or even if the son would get consideration.

That puts HY in a real awkward spot because if he admits that the son would even get consideration that is going to stir up a big segment of the fan base-including me. We should never hire an assistant coach without meaningful head coaching experience as the HC for football or basketball. Kellen Sampson has none, he was an assistant at App. State and SFA before Dad hired him.

By the way, Kellen’s sister, Lauren, is the “director of external operations” for Houston. She “oversees the publicity” for the men’s team and “supervises a variety of team functions every year”. She’s worked at the schools where Dad worked for most of her adult life, with a break as a pharmaceutical rep while KS was out of coaching.

HY should already know what KS has in mind wherever he is Coaching regarding his son assuming the HC job when Dad is done.
Obviously been a family train for quite some time with the Sampson’s.

Don’t think for a minute that HY and KS haven’t been discussing the AR HC job ever since HY arrived here.

Will be interesting to see if/when & how many of the Sampson Family get hired here. Especially after all of this chatter.

Win big and know one will care.

Bottom line. If Yuracheck fired Mike without working out a deal with the next coach, that is a grave mistake. I hope he did work it out. Although I don’t know HY well and he kind of looks lightweight. At least Jeff Long was well connected.

Got my fingers crossed that we will get someone that can keep a kid like Moody in the state and uplifts recruiting two fold.

We all know what Jeff Long was, now we will see what HY is…

This is indeed a major element with which his tenure here will be judged.

If he (HY) has what is takes to figure out the candidates and select someone with the “it” factor, like Nolan and Eddie? We shall see.

Go with the AD that brung ya. We can pay $3m and all things equal, Sampson would rather coach under an AD that hired him twice than one that didn’t hire him at all. At least, I think he would!

He didn’t hire him at Houston. He may have been the most influential in getting him the job, but he didn’t hire him.

Edit: However, he did give him an extension at Houston.