Sampson is done for the year.....

……is he our new coach? More impressed with Buzz. Almost took down Zion and Duke.

Happily take either.
Or Beard.


It is time that winning returned to the Hill.

Agreed but not gonna happen with the next coach cause there isn’t one available or that wants to come here that can do that for us.

Buzz has the opportunity to go home with the Texas A&M vacancy. I seriously doubt that he passes on that.

So, If Kelvin or Buzz is going to be the coach I figure a press conference will be held NLT Sunday afternoon and someone should be calling the Hogs. If not, things are going to get interesting.

Virginia Tech has THE #1 scoring defense in Division -1 but guess who’s #7 … t/team/146

Our old friend Wally says that his source tells him that sometime next week and Yuri has his man.

Almost forgot to mention Houston has the #1 Defense in the nation when it comes to 3pt field goals Auburn attempts the most in Division 1 so Sunday’s matchup would have been a barn-burner!! … t/team/518

HY needs to have his man I just hope it’s not the idiot from Wichita State! Greg Marshall is full of himself and his wife is crazy.
Maybe we all get suprised early Monday or Tuesday. We need a good coach to come in and meet with the team.

Hey, I heard the Wisconsin coach wrote a note to our AD and now he’s under consideration. :lol: :lol:

Johnny Dawkins from UCF!! Placing my bet :ugeek:

UVA…not Tech. They’re still 9th tho

They both lost. How about that Auburn team, they almost scored 100!

Johnny Dawkins would not be what HY seems to be looking for as far as his resume reveals.

D1 Head Coach - 11 seasons
Stanford - 8 seasons
UCF - 3 seasons
HC winning percentage - .599
2 losing seasons and 1 season of a .500 record
NCAA Tournament Appearances - 2

This is not the resume of a home run hire.

Go Hogs!

Thought he went to Vandy already.

Tic tic tic tic tic…