Sampson Hired?

Is this credible Dudley?

Nolan’s endorsement (of sorts) of Sampson was all I need to be on board.

I’d be happy if this is true.

Until the ink is dry and he calls the hogs nothing is official!

Blu posted this earlier to see if source was legit, baked hit mods and nobody has heard of the source…at least i think thats what i read earlier

If true, I hope UA didn’t offer much over $3 mil. Sampson’s not worth any more than that.

Nolan hasn’t coached in years.

I’m not sure a Nolan endorsement means much in the current college hoops landscape.

A sportswriter for Pine Bluff newspaper tweeted this around 4 pm.

Unless it comes from a trusted sports media person, don’t believe it. But certainly all signs indicate that is what will happen.

Look at this guys other tweets. Think it’s a sarcastic parody account.

Meh if true.

Who cares? It means a lot to me and many other Hog fans.

I expect it will be Sampson and it sounds like it’s been done for awhile now. Don’t think it would’ve mattered much what Mike had done this year.

I was adamantly opposed to Sampson awhile back but after further review, he’s done his time, he’s a helluva coach.

Only thing that concerns me is age and recruiting but if we can get a good 6-8 years out of him, i think he could get us where we want to be. I posted about his son on another site last year around this time as an up and comer. He’s respected and i think they could recruit better at UA than where they are now.

Good lort the SEC is gonna be loaded.

Houston ran some four and even five guard lineups late last night, we’ve got some pieces for next year if they stay.

Agree. It has been a done deal since January after the 4 game losing streak. And as I posted before my sense is that Mike came to know just before the Bama game.

Hey I love Nolan too. But he and Sampson have been friends for years. Not sure we should hire a guy just because he’s pals with Nolan.

If Sampson is hired it will be because of his record as a coach. Who said he should be hired because he’s a buddy of Nolan? I respect Nolan’s opinion. Respect it a lot.

This quote from USA Today article by George Schroeder from earlier this morning:

“I know Hunter would like to hire him,” Fertitta told KRIV, referring to Yurachek, Arkansas’ athletic director. “… I hope Kelvin stays with us for many years, but I cannot make him stay. The chancellor can’t make him stay. His players can’t make him stay. Kelvin’s gonna do what he wants to do.”

Reading between the lines, sounds like billionaire Fertitta expects Sampson to leave Houston.

As do I. I respect Nolan a lot too. Nolan was a much better coach than Sampson could ever hope to be. Sampson’s record is exactly why he shouldn’t be hired. He always struggles to make it past the second weekend of NCAA tourney. I thought Hog fans wanted a coach that would get the program back to the level that Nolan had it.

Would someone find out if there is any truth to this or is it
just another rumor!


We can only hope.

No need to hope. Not yet at least.