Sampson and Son

So if KS wants his son to step into his shoes, I guess the good news would be that he’d try to not put us on probation? :sunglasses:

Wasn’t that a TV show in the 70’s?


Lamont, you big dummy!!!

LOVED that show. one of the best theme songs ever.

“Grady, Karate is the oldest form of self-defense in the world”…“it ain’t older than…runnin!”


“I Pity the Fool” ! Ooops, wrong show.

I wonder if Esther would be external director of basketball operations.

Actually I assume Coach Sampson’s daughter Lauren would continue in that role she is currently performing in at Houston.

By the way, Lawada Page, who played Esther, passed away in 2002 at the age of 82

Esther used to call Fred…“You fish-eyed fool”.

TV was a lot better when it wasn’t politically correct.

And Kellen as assistant coach…it’s truly a Family Affair since we’re on TV shows :sunglasses:

My favorite coach tended bar for Sam.


John L. Smith’s role model.

Not Craig T. Nelson at Minnesota State?

My favorite Aunt Esther line: “Fred Sanford, you heathen!”