same ole thing

reading the head coach and enos press conference comments it’s the same old thing.

Gotta run the ball better! I’ve heard this so much the last 5 years. That ain’t gonna happen against bama. if offensive line can’t run block against south carolina how in the world do we think we are going to pound the ball against alabama. 1 to 2 yards then a sack on third down. predictable. and a recipe for disaster.

coach speak, no answers at all, not that i expect them to divulge the game plan but they keep giving us the exact same script week after week. the drive that cost us to end the first half, why were we in the bend then break defense. if they are going to pick on our freshman corner, and btw, kid has played very well, why not give him some safety help.

stubborn this staff is, plain and simple. how low have we sunk when we will feel good about our team if we can keep it within 3 touchdowns.

Agree 100%

I got frustrated reading the PC highlights. They seem like they are out of touch. Like to downplay things. I noticed Bret mentioned Froholdts play wasn’t as good as it should have been, but then said that Jackson does a lot of things well? Is he blind? Why do you call out a guy who’s busting his ass week in and out, and the guy to the left of him is just plain bad, and that’s a nice way to put it. That one got me irritated.

Oh well, like you said… same ole thing

It’s so frustrating to read that his response is essentially to keep doing what they’ve been doing.

And expecting different results. Isn’t that the definition of something???

Well put notorious. Exactly haw I feel.

If Coach Bielema is incapable of making halftime or in-game adjustments (which is pretty clearly the case), then I’m not sure how we can expect him to make mid-season adjustments.

The more I read and think about this, I think the Enos hire was the beginning of the end of Bielema. He got away from what he believed in (running, ball control, and physicality) when he hired Enos. And, however it came about, the Pittman departure and the Anderson hire were also huge blows. Enos’s presence likely had to do with both. I’ve always heard that when a head coach strays from what he believes in, it’s trouble. Look at Charlie Strong at UT. And Tuberville at Auburn. Many examples.

Further, while both seem like good guys, I’m not sure the answer is to persist with Enos and Rhoads as coordinators, even if CBB stays. Both were not very stellar as head coaches. If you can’t succeed as a head coach, then quite often you also cannot succeed as an assistant. There are exceptions, of course.

I respectfully disagree. The end was losing good assistants and hiring underwhelming ones i.e. Anderson for Pittman. Randy Shannon gone. I may be in the minority, but I prefer Enos to Chaney.

Saban changed. Enough for me. Maybe not mid season but he went to mobile qb out of shotgun on offense. And he began recruiting more mobile speedier linebackers to combat spread offenses on defense. Best coach in the country is someone I might pay attention to if I were a coach. Of course it’s much easier when you are recruiting and signing the best each and every year. But it’s well documented the changes he made based on today’s football game. Good enough for me.

I guess my point is that perhaps Enos’s passing game – and the proclivity to pass more – requires many more and different protections, the result of which is that not enough time can be devoted to run blocking in spring and fall practice and to the physicality it requires. Thus (coupled with obvious falloff in talent) the decline in run game production. I really don’t know, though. The O-Line falloff is really astonishing.