Same Ole stuff

BB promised accountability after Mizzou collapse…all the way up until halftime when he told a reporter " I promise we will play 4 quarters tonight"…

63-0 last two games in 2nd half

After the game he promises to review all aspects of the program…the facts are this…he’s not going to review a damn thing because his pretty boy AD has him covered…

The GPA’S are up…bad boy behavior is down…until of course Sprinkle stole from the sponsor…facilities will bring in more 3-star recruits…on and on

What will really happen is we will lose again to Bama…Auburn and LSU next yr…plus others…and have a Vandy like 6-6 or 7-5 yr…another mid level bowl…probably Shreveport and go into another rebuilding year…yet again…

The glory years of Ark football are fading…a few saw this with the hiring of BB…I hope the rest are catching on before it’s way too late…or maybe it already is…

If you’ve not noticed practically evert SEC team is beating us at recruiting…and they have for yrs…

Not a negative post at all…just a Hog fan who started attending in '66 facing the facts

agree with the pretty boy ad comments. coaches know they have no worries about losing job. plus long is spending big bucks with the stadium expansion. might not have the finds for a buy-out. its all about money for long, not wins and losses.

its all about money and jeff long

we the people arkansas fans are easier than most
im not sure Long is willing to bet his future on our tolerance and acceptance of mediocrity in football and basketball too

long has had a good thing going
i betcha hes looking for that next rung in the ladder.

maybe thats why CBB has such large long buyout
thats why he hired MA…

he will be down the road when the house burns.

Good grief why don’t you go back to woopig where you belong.

“CBB is building the program the right way”

update year four :


Elvis has been around a long time and belongs here as much as anyone, yourself included. You might get down off your soapbox. He’s a pretty good guy/woman, durn if I know. ;>)