Same old Cowboys

Dak Prescott is awful. Defense played good enough to win, but Dak throws 2 picks.
I am not a Cowboy fan, but I root for them because so many of my friends and family do.
They deserve better.
It’s just embarrassing at this point.


Everyone knows im a Ca guy, huge 49er fan and I’m so pumped up now. I saw a stat on Dak, obviously last week no turnovers, last time he had 2 games with no turnovers was 2019, when I saw that , I felt pretty good that his streak would continue. Dallas can keep him


And they will, Bill.
Jerry can’t get out of his own way.
The common denominator in their 25+ years of mediocrity is him.


It be interesting to see if the Cowboys keep Mike McCarthy or fire him and go after Sean Payton. Jerry is a Mike McCarthy fan so I think he will stay.

Payton would really help a struggling Dak Prescott.

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Love it, I was shocked when they said Dallas last played in the NFC Championship 27 years ago and the Super Bowl like 30 years ago? Haha that’s awesome

Go 49ers

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Eagles will beat niners and Dallas has no receiving threat except Lamb.

Jerry should hire Payton, which means he won’t.


That’s why you play the game haha

Perhaps Jerry should put a for sale sign up for his Cowboys, take those billions of dollars and put NIL deals in place to make his alma mater a Championship contender for the remainder of his life.
I realize that won’t happen, but he’s won three Super Bowls and wouldn’t it nice to have him give a huge assist to his Razorbacks winning a couple of National Championships.

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As a devoted WPD fan, I loved it!

Now to see if my Chiefs can find a cure for the Bengal fever.

See the early vegas odds have the 49ers as a 2.5 dog, seeing how home field gives you 3 points guess they let the people decide where the line falls

I am an old 49ers fan and was dismayed in '75 when the expansion created Saints were placed in the old west conference. Fortunately, because the NFL owners put the Saints in a perpetual basement I continued to be a 49er fans until I pretty much lost interest in the professional sports 29 years ago. I originally was a 49er fan became of their coach Red Hickey, an old Razorback football and basketball player('41 final four team) along with also being a Xi Chapter Kappa Sig. The 49ers were always represented a team with edge somewhat between the Rams and later the Raiders.

My theory is Jimmy Johnson put a curse on the franchise after Jerruh fired him. Switzer somehow managed not to screw up Aikman, Irvin et al, but since then the Plowboys can’t win squat, and won’t until Jerruh sells the team or dies.

What in the heck was the last play of the game? Number one, they lined up and showed it and then SF calls a time out. So after the TO they come out and line up the same. Some kind of flee flicker / lateral concoction. Of course in this situation there is practically no chance to score but they had the ball with 45 seconds. At least go long distance a couple of times and you might get lucky with a PI call at the 50 and get a reasonable shot. It was the exclamation point on a terribly called / terribly played offensive game for the Boys!

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Just like most other coaches Jerry has hired, McCarthy isn’t allowed to hire his own OC. In the freaking NFL no less. Jerry’s meddling ways and stubbornness have been the Achilles heel of the Cowboys since the mid 90s. He’s not going to sell the team. He’s not going to hire a GM. He may die but Stephen and/or Charlotte won’t be a lot different. It’s the worst run franchise in the NFL. Imagine — an NFL head coach not being allowed to hire his own coordinators? No hope with Jerry at the helm.

Wonder what the TEAM would be worth if it was the BEST run franchise? :sunglasses:

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Dallas DID stink up the place. I’m still a Dallas fan because I’m not a fair-weather fan. Yes J.J. has his faults and possibly more than his share for an NFL owner.
But the defense pretty much kept them in the game until mid fourth quarter.
I never have been a big Dak fan esp with his on again off again antics.
Yet again, it’s awfully difficult to beat a team as talented as the 49ers at their
place when you have two or three key players hurt.
EVEN SO…IMVHO I can honestly say Dallas still could’ve won yesterday if they
would’ve had the K.C.Chefs refs on their side. Those losers need to be sec officials they’re so inept. Cinci (not really a fan of either) may take care of business this Sun, though.

Speaking of the Refs, there was a ruling yesterday that I’ve never heard of. When the Dallas tight end caught the ball in the last few seconds and went our of bounds. They kept the clock running because his momentum was not going forward. Never heard of that one and would like for someone to explain the reasoning behind that rule.

My guess is they don’t want to reward somebody for high-tailing it toward the sideline instead of trying to make more yardage.

Probably right. It wouldn’t have made any difference in this game if the clock had stopped but can you imagine if the Cowboys had been in scoring position and the same thing had happened? Say Dak was running for the corner and realized he couldn’t make it and took a sharp backwards left to keep a few seconds on the clock.