Same game?

This from the CBS website. I wasn’t exactly chewing my nails over this game from the ten minute mark on in. Reading this, one would think we went down to wire in this game, not had a 17 point win.

“…and No. 3 seed Arkansas getting all it could handle from Colgate before squeezing out the Raiders late.” :thinking:

Granted, they ran out to a 14 point lead early, but the Hogs squelched that at the end of the first half and went to the break with a lead. This game went according to plan. Pressure at the end of the halves and break them down. In the second half that began at about the ten minute mark, and we weren’t down by a bunch. We walked away.

its the main stream media…have to play up an angle to appease a particular audience…in this case…probably the Colgate supporters to make them feel better in defeat

You’re probably right about appeasing an audience ln general, if not specifically. I doubt if they care about the Colgate supporters, but probably do about the larger New York/Upper East Coast bunch. They must have been beside themselves when their darlings had a 14-point lead, only to have it evaporate over 5 minutes. Then to have their chunky would-be hero (55) flag toward the end and the hot shooter never quite find the space or the range to save the day; the lower seed heroics were left to our region. That is gratifying. Truly.

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