Sam Vecenie's latest 2020 NBA Mock Draft

Sam Vecenie, the draft analyst at The Athletic, has Isaiah Joe slotted at No. 35 to the Philadelphia 76ers as of now. Mason Jones was not included in this update. He was at No. 58 in version 2.0 on Jan. 10.

Beat me to it.

76ers could use his shooting right now, just like the Hogs

I just don’t see Joe leaving after this season, risky decision at this point.

I think Joe and Mase will both put in their names and get the NBA evaluation. I’m sure they’ll both be told they’re not ready. Question is if they’ll listen.

I saw where 18 of the 2019 2nd rd picks got guaranteed contracts and an additional 3 were stashed overseas. With NBA teams looking to dial back on throwing around money to any and everybody, 2nd rounders are reaping the benefits.
This makes coming out more appealing to kids who aren’t even projected 1st rders.

When an NBA team can get a player a year early in the second round they get to save money. Especially when that player has the potential to be a first rounder the next year. So the question is can Joe improve his draft stock by playing another year in college?

Teams like the 76ers taking risks on an ultra thin SG who just had a knee procedure is a prime example on why they won’t compete for NBA titles anytime soon. Risk taking, when it works, can pay off big. But they seldom work out. Joe would end up in G Leagues for at the every least 2 years getting healthy, putting on muscle and working on his game. At those odds, he’ll never start make a roster let alone play in the League. His best bet is to come back for at least one more year. Those “Experts” projecting Joe in the first round are usually scouts or agents looking to collect a big paycheck. Usually at the players detriment.

The G-League is filled with 2nd rounders and undrafted underclassmen that left college early and a small percentage of them actually ever get to the NBA and stick with a team.

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