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One of the many things I love about Sam is his humbleness and genuine class. After every W for the Hogs Sam takes time to compliment the opponents and gives credit to his coaches, players and staff. He never takes any credit for himself. As Grant Morgan said in his post game presser last night (loosely translated) “this team loves and respect Coach Pittman, he genuinely loves the Razorbacks and his players. We love the guy.”

Compare that to Saban (who I actually respect a lot). In none of his post game comments did he credit the Hogs or our coaches for their performance. Not in the post game presser or the post game interview. His only take was “we didn’t play good” nothing about the Hogs being a big part of the reason for that. Makes me think we may have a little bulletin board material for next year.

Anyway, I get asked a lot (here in Chattanooga) about Sam. My pat reply is that “we love the guy and he loves us and he’s the best bargain in football”. Thanks Sam.


Saban called us a great team although it was a part of his laundry list of things to work on for Bummer this week.


Yes, I got the impression Saban knew he had to say it, but he didn’t really sound gracious about it. I think he respects us and our effort, but he’s too much about himself and his team to show the grace and class Pittman shows. Unfortunately, more coaches are like Saban in that regard than like Pittman.


Lincoln Riley is a younger Sabin except he has only won the Little 12. Arrogant and was handed a great situation but hasn’t gotten over the top. His job will be even harder real soon. Great recruiter or purchasing agent so one day he might get it done. Hoping not!

I think most coaches do the same. That is coachspeak 101. But thing about Sam is that he means it sincerely. It is very evident in the way he says it and you can tell it is genuine whereas other coaches sound like they are reading a teleprompter.


Saban is the best for many reasons. He gave the Hawgs lot’s compliments during the week leading up to the game and fully expected to see us play hard. He said the SEC West is hard several times during the postgame interview but he was mainly speaking to his team and that is the message he delivered after game. He knows they will beat Auburn but after that they have to play better and their QB will not be able to carry the same load in those games like he did yesterday.

Sam got his team ready to play yesterday and that was best thing for our fanbase after the GA. game. Now to get the fourth B of November and take care of Mizzou. I know there are some defensive coaches that would like the same effort against their old team this week.

What you see is what you get!
Coach Sam Pittman is the same person no matter where he’s at or what he is doing. Being real and honest.
The way he has the players motivated and playing speaks for itself.
7-4 in year 2! What a turnaround

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Yeah Danny I’m like you I love his humbleness and his graciousness but the same time I love how he has the team ready to physically battle every week. We just need a few more pieces of the puzzle and then we will be ready to rock and roll!

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Waah-waah. You want Saban to compliment the Hogs? Beat him.

Conversation was about class and humility, unfortunately in short supply. Nick could use a refresher, too.


Exactly. Nobody is whining about Saban not praising the hogs. It’s a contrast between him and CSP

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With Saban (and many other coaches), I always think of Disney/Pixar’s “Inside Out”. The little elves are in the control room punching buttons. “They’re a really tough, physical team.” “We need to get more production out of our offense.” “Our Defense has to step up.” Etc etc ad nauseum ad infinitum.

I really think Sam means it. Players do. They’ve bought in.

We got the best deal (for us) on the coaching go round. I’m not sure we could’ve gotten a “better” coach, but we got the RIGHT coach. For once in our lives, it worked out to our benefit.

I hope our staff remains mostly intact. I want to see what they do with stronger players. I want to see KJ Jefferson as a Senior with the requisite talent supporting him (Treylon Burks is a very special talent so replacing him is going to be a tall order). I want to see the Defense when Odum gets his players in place.

From the hideous Morris era to 7-4 with a winnable last game and a good bowl in 2 years. I’m pleased.

Watching Alabama sweat: Priceless. It’ll be even more fun when we beat them in Fayetteville.


Oh let it be so -

For the life of me I can not understand all the are chair QB’s saying our OC is bad??

What the sam hill are you thinking?

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This comes down to Saban’s overall coaching philosophy and that is your success is measured against yourself, not others. Always doing YOUR best, following the process, etc. It how he has kept up the high level of success year after year. It’s why you see him lose his ____ after a penalty. It reflects a lack of focus or discipline. I don’t think he means to insult other teams at all. You will most often see Saban (post game) talk about what they didn’t do good. He’s sending a message to his team.

Comparatively, CSP took over a program mentally beat down and lacking confidence. His approach is to try to get the team to believe in themselves, that they CAN compete and building his team and coaches up. I like his approach. It’s just a different situation. Fast forward 5 years and if Arkansas has a high level of success I can see CSP adjusting his communications some. I think he’ll always be a positive, humble, and classy guy.

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Agreed - I want this staff to stay - Arkansas has an identity again and it’s good

It’s a recruiting challenge now IMHO and stabile staffs Enhance recruiting

When folks like Saban switch from praising Arkansas to focusing how it was really more about Alabama underperforming……………that means you are beating up on them, and they don’t like it at all, and they foresee a game they might lose in the foreseeable future as opposed to another gimme W on the schedule for the next 15 years. Saban I am sure is thinking, “Great, just what we need, another competitive team in the SEC that can beat us.”

To me, it’s a good thing that Saban is not praising us. I saw the game as did the nation — as Rick Neuheisel said — Arkanas proved it is once again a big-time football program. Despite the talent gap, Arkansas stuck with Alabama all day and almost won the game.

So yeah, that makes Bama mad and just a little bitter at the smart-alecky upstart — Arkansas is supposed to come in and lose by 20 to 40 after keeping it close for a quarter or two. Just who do these Hogs think they are ?!?!!!

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Good post I enjoyed reading it

This caught my eye - it’s where we want to be to build to go upward

There is true hope

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