Sam Pittman

Should be our next coach. Salary is $900,000 buyout unknown. He wants the job he has a house in NWA. Fabulous recruiter, best OL coach in the country!

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Maybe not my personal first choice, but I could very easily get on board. Honestly, as I think about it might be my number 2 behind Leach and ahead of Norvell.

Has he ever interviewed or seriously been considered for head coaching jobs?

There was a very good reason Frank never hired coaches who weren’t head coaches somewhere else first.

I really don’t think Frank’s rule really applies in today’s world!

Maybe not 100% but I think mostly. Pittman has never even been an OC. I like the guy and would love him back in Fayetteville but I don’t think he’s qualified for this job.

Pittman is a great recruiter & OL coach, but without ever being a HC or even an OC, why are we even having this discussion? Hire him as our OL coach or OC if he is that good.

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My choice also. This team is so soft and until the OL and DL are effective everything else is sure to fail.

You gave some really good reasons why we should hire him as A coach but why do you think he would be a good HEAD coach?

Pitman is more qualified that Chad Morris!
I know Pitman could get a team ready to play in the trenches! That’s a good start. He can get a good OC and DC give him the job!

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JL Smith is more qualified than Morris…

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Not a big deal, but they don’t have a house in Fay. They sold that.

They have property in Arkansas but not in NWA.

Whatever HY does I just hope he doesn’t hire Mike Leach. He won’t make it in the SEC. His team has 17 yards rushing in the 3rd quarter against Oregon State tonight. That’s just won’t do it.

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After USC fires Clay Helton, bring him in and his OC Graham Harrell.

I think you look at the person’s body of work instead of one game.

He’s going to win…

I have been advocating for Sam Pittman and still believe that he is the best hire. I don’t have first hand information so maybe there are better alternatives but Pittman is a mature solid coach who is respected in the profession and that seems to me to be exactly what Arkansas needs. He is not flashy and he does not have head coaching experience, but he is a guy who understands football inside and out and you are not going to have any motorcycle wrecks with him, and he seems to not be the type of guy who is not going to be having any off the field issues. He is solid as a rock and he can handle the pressure of the job. He was also well liked by former players and the media.

The knock is head coaching experience but he looks to be the type of guy who will be able to mesh with current staff who are important to retain for a variety of reasons while also being able to attract key staff to fill the offensive and defensive coordinator positions. Those two staff positions are really important hires and I don’t think they are on the current staff You could hire a head coach who could be the head coach and handle one of those responsibilities but the LSU formula has worked pretty well and they have a head coach who does not coordinate the offense or the defense. They have a head coach who makes it real clear that he is in charge of everything but who has delegated responsibility of coordinating the offense and defense. Obviously, there are different models of success but the LSU model is worth considering and if you go that way then Sam Pittman seems to be the ideal type coach to attract good offensive and defensive coordinators.

In my mind recruiting is the most important responsibility because no coach is going to win without talent and Arkansas simply does not have enough talent. Furthermore, the glaring talent need is in the offensive and defensive lines. Pittman is known for his recruiting abilities and there may be better recruiters but I would think that Pittman is right up there close to the top and he knows how to evaluate and recruit linemen which has to be priority #1. He has connections all over and I just think he is the guy who could best retain what they already have and have a chance to bring in some new talent.

So when I think about a head coach I think about managing a staff, handling the media, handling the pressure of a very aggressive fan base, while being able to recruit and I want a guy who I know I can trust to be dedicated to the job and a guy who wants to be here. Pittman for me checks all those boxes.

Yeah, but he won the game. He won the football game!

First time in their history Washington State has qualified for five straight bowl games.

I’d gladly take some of that.

During the 2013-2016 recruiting classes we only signed four 4 star OL. Statistically we only had one season, 2015 where are offensive line was pretty good. None of his recruits on the OL were difference makers last year or this year as upperclassmen.

I think some of you have a false memory on Pittman. He is a good OL coach, but everyone looks great at programs like UGA.