Sam Pittman video! When he was at North Carolina

Found this looking through some videos some really good offensive line talk in here i think you’ll enjoy it.

That was awesome! Thanks Youdaman! If we can block like that we’re going to give our running backs a chance to make some good yardage.

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Absolutely, takes a combination of talent and an incredible amount of work and unfortunately time but hopefully we can be quick Learners and really be able to open up everything this year

Some of the language might be hard for you to understand here’s a good video showing you how the offensive line looks at the defensive lineman according to head up,inside,outside techniques, they all have a number.

I’m aware of the numbering system for offensive blocking, but it’s still great information! Thanks again youdaman.

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That was great!

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Yes there’s a lot of great info in there. Will give everyone an idea of what it’s kind of like to be an OL coach :slightly_smiling_face:

If you have an Oline and overall defensive talent, you’ve got a shot. If it’s all skill and no line, you’ll be mediocre at best.

At least I don’t have to worry if Pittman knows what a good oline and good oline coaching looks like.

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Key words is getting in the right alignment “quickly”. Assume there’s a lot of chatter when Oline reach LOS from the huddle.
Center is assigned that task most of the time.

There are a lot of times you have to have what I used to call silent communication because people jumping around so much right before the snap of the ball when you fire out you just picked up the first person that shows up in front of your face weather it’d be a lineman or linebacker, you don’t have time to say anything,that’s where it just takes a lot of time working together comes in…

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