Sam Pittman tests positive for covid-19

Arkansas just announced this. Sam Pittman is asymptomatic and isolating at his home. Barry Odom will take over as interim coach. Pittman will still be involved in meetings virtually.

Wow! Get well coach

Prayers for Coach. Get Well Soon!

Prayers for CSP

Most important thing is health. Would be great it false positive like Saban, but if not, I’m hoping, for Sam’s and his family’s sake, he has a speedy and healthy recovery.


Oh crap. Lets hope it is a false positive!

What a blessing to have Coach Odom right now

The big problem will be the quarantine for us, I suspect there could be a large number.

The entire Tennessee Offensive line might need to quarantine after all the postgame hugs.

I hope not… and praying for Coach.

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Yes, and I hope we will do like Bama did with Saban. They tested him every day and after 3 or 4 negative tests, he was eligible to coach on field the following Saturday.

I had a false positive yesterday. They recalibrated the machine and repeated the instant test and it came back negative. Sounds like they did Sam’s retest and sent it off to the lab which will take a while.

Should have moved Scottie’s, lol. You snooze, you lose.

Whether he can coach or not on Saturday, let’s just hope he is able to stay as healthy as possible and doesn’t have a really bad reaction to it—if it is positive, that is.

With all of the hugging by CSP of TN & AR players without masks after the TN game, not surprised about him testing positive. However, no idea how quickly CSP would test positive on the day after being exposed.

If CSP was positive on Sat, many on AR & TN teams will likely test positive too.

Hope CSP recovers quickly & remains asymptomatic! His age & weight are a concern.

Pittman said he was the only one to test positive out of the team. Wednesday and Friday’s test will be important.

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Actually, Scottie’s was older than yours. (I did check.) :smile:

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SF, you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to, but I’m wondering…what is the standard for these things in your business? IIRC, the SEC requires 3 non-positive tests to rule the positive test an outlier and remove quarantine. From your post, it sounds like you got one positive, but after re-testing and getting a negative result, you were “cleared”…

Simply trying to understand and get some kind of consensus on what the standards are…

In my case it was my employer’s standards, which may or may not coincide with the CDC. I was the first test they did yesterday and the machine may not have been calibrated in a while. I’m just guessing on that part, other than I know I was the first one.

Well, my time stamp shows 11:48, his 11:50, but I’m not getting paid to do this. It’s fine, everything is after a win on Saturday…and hopefully a negative test for Pittboss in the morning.