Sam Pittman, Rakeem Boyd and Montaric Brown on today's Zoom call

A rundown of what those guys had to say:

Awesome job Scottie! Everything sounds good, seems like the guys all went home and went to work, can’t believe Cunningham is at 319 just hope he can move and carry it…you can tell this is going to be a Sam Pittman team on the line of scrimmage and that’s what it’s going to take for us to have any chance to compete in this league.

So nobody asked the head coach how many positive tests the UA has received? Incredible

We were told on the front end that they were not going to provide numbers on today’s call.

Don’t you still got to ask?

They’re not the WH Press Core!
I’m sure the information will be revealed when those that have a need to know need to know.

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You serious?

Did we “need” to know the weight of our OL?

You a fan of state run media?

Did you ask how tall our players are if they played barefooted? And what is their 40 times barefooted?

Actually glad to get that weight information and know that Arkansas May be fielding an SEC sized O-Line.
You knew exactly what I was saying, but your attempt at comedy tried to take it in another direction.
I’ve noticed your attempts at humor for a while now, is comedy your occupation?

As for “State run Media”, no I’m not a fan of communism, socialism or dictatorships around the globe that control their countries media, technology, etc.

I was actually glad to get the weight info as well. I’d also like to know how many players have been able to go through workouts and how many have been quarantined.

Why does it seem like UA is being secretive and other schools are transparent?

No. Comedy is not my profession.

Same. A hard hitting media that holds power accountable is paramount to a free society. I suspect UA made the disclaimer early on in the presser because they know they can control our media and they’ll kowtow to their requests.

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It’s all about protecting football season. Everybody and their grandma freaks if word gets out about the actual number of positives.

Secrecy in the major college locker room is second only to secrecy in the CIA.

I’m hoping for a ton of positives now so that we get it over with

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No doubt. Just put us all out of our anticipation induced misery. Anyone with common sense knows we’re not having a season once the infections start getting reported.

I wonder if there’s not some funny tv contract timeline in play. Like, if the season gets cancelled before the first game, nobody gets anything. If the season gets cancelled after the first regular season game, everyone gets x%.

“We’re not in the time-consuming business,” he said. “We’re in the winning business. So we’re not trying to have our kids here just because the NCAA says we can have them here.”

My man Coach Pittman is at least saying the right things. Like it. Emphasis on winning.

Sixty days out, it is hard to feel confident about any outcome, but it seems we have not taken that many turns for the better, and while I think the illness and numbers speak for themself, this serious challenge seems to have produced a proliferation of non-expert expert opinion and self serving posturing from every perspective. I know in the big picture, sport is way down the list of important/necessary things, but it is a step toward normal and I sure crave some more normal, such as in-person worship, gathering with my Sunday School class, Razorback sports, etc.

I cringe when I hear “new normal” even though I know that a lot of my attachment to the past is an acknowledgement of my taking for granted my freedoms and choices. For me, I know this Independence Day will have a different feel, partly because of some new limitations, but hopefully less about that and more about acknowledgement of our great country, warts and all.

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