Sam Pittman press conference notes

Why is Sam Pittman concerned about UCF’s program when hiring a DC? Do you think Kirby Smart would care? Do you think Shane Beamer cared about Arkansas’s program when he hired Dowell Loggains? A win first mentality program wouldn’t care if UCF lost their entire recruiting class if we hired their DC.

My take on this is that long term its a lot worse to be that focused on winning- ie. you don’t care about anyone else ever and only do what is best for you. I think typically there is a lot more professional courtesy than we realize as fans. Assistant coaches move around a lot, as do coordinators. Having a good reputation enables Sam to broaden the talent pool of his assistants. If you intentionally burn eveyone down around you to win first, sooner or later, no one will work with you. There would be no “fraternity of coaches” to support him. If he fails and is fired, he can’t find work again. Basically, Sam is old school. He isn’t going to become the “bad boy” of the SEC.


I think this is fantasyland.

Some coaches will have riders in their contract preventing moves. You also want to be on the moral high ground with these things so you are not burned even worse on down the road.

To suggest we do other than what Sam did would be the equivalent of advocating road rage vs. more socially appropriate driving habits, like signaling, spacing, and courtesy.


2009 I think that you have made a lot of very valid points in the discussion. You are not coaching/recruiting to lose. This has definitely made me think about what can make a coach successful at a high-level.
I have a couple of friends that coach football and another that coaches basketball. I think taking the high road and/or softer approach with other coaches with pending coaching changes will allow you have more success long term. I am not an insider here. However, my friends experiences has been that a step on the throat of others approach in order to succeed will not make your program or you better long term or keep you in the profession with successful peers very long. Can you work harder than someone else, out smart another coach in recruiting, push for better NIL deals? Of course you can. A successful career is usually helped by your reputation and how you interact with others as you try to climb the ladder of success.
Not trying to discredit what you are saying, just sharing what may be going on here. The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle……


A blind squirrel finds an acorn…

Reading between lines I would venture to guess that he wanted to hire him but he hasn’t had the opportunity to speak to gus yet. Much like Beamer and him discussed loggains. Once that conversation occurred you saw the hire approved.

Just a suggestion but it may have also been bc Sam was trying to figure out who coaches what. If he loses scherer then maybe he hires a co-dc for safeties. If he keeps scherer then does Williams coach safeties or de with bowman coaching entire secondary. Those are my thoughts.

Not sure what happened with Collins or how much more auburn offered for Roberts. I really liked him.

Leach’s passing took arnett off the table. Have to believe he was 1st.

@hog2009 the Arkansas translation to that saying is “A blind hog finds an acorn”….

Did they not teach you that at Harding? I’m a UA Monticello guy. It was taught there…. :wink:


Too busy studying the minor prophets of the Old Testament I guess…

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This young man has an astounding offer list. Speed to burn and likes to hit.

Thank God we have a wannabe AD here to explain everything to us, tell us how we should behave, help us keep our moral compass in the World of college athletics.

Almost like having a lil miniature Jeffie Long in our pocket.

Yeah, i dont really care how much or whether we “hurt” malzahn.


UCF has always had a lot of speed. He should know that area very well and hopefully we can start to get some of that here.

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