Sam Pittman press conference notes

Sam Pittman is scheduled to speak to reporters at noon. Updates will follow here.

• Insights from the game after film review: Nothing really surprised me. Well, yeah, a little bit. They bulled us in pass rush. The pocket was collapsing on KJ and covering up deep throws. We had trouble with their line movement. We had uncharacteristic mistakes, snapping the ball and whatnot. The defensive line played pretty well. Bumper Pool came in and hit guys and knocked them back. Too many open guys in the secondary. But I pretty much it was what I saw Saturday.

• On the O-line: All the guys have to play in sync, especially when you’re facing twists and movement. When we would go out to a potential blitzer, the looper would come back in the A gap. We just haven’t had that happen. We weren’t ready enough for the movement.

• LSU is really good. Jayden Daniels makes them go. They’ve got some guys up front that are good players. They have good receivers and a freshman tight end that’s really good. LSU is physical, a down-hill running offense. Daniels can get it outside, and he’s hard to bring down, and he can throw it. On defense, very good on the interior. They’re long and have a lot of speed. They have Greg Brooks and Joe Foucha, who have been playing well.

• On KJ Jefferson: I think he feels better this week than last week. I expect him to be able to throw today. If that is the case, I feel like he’ll be fine Saturday. He was healthy enough to play last week and did so well in the last quarter or so.

• On Brian Kelly: He’s done an outstanding job. They lost to FSU early and everyone was talking about how terrible he is, but he’s not. I’ve gotten to know him a little bit in coaches’ meetings. We’ve visited about Brad Davis and different things.

• I’d say we lost last week, so we better have a chip on our shoulder. You have to look at yourself first. LSU winning vs. Alabama was a big deal. Some say it’s hard to get up back-to-back weeks. I’ve about come to the thought that if you’re ready to play, you’ll go play, and if you’re not ready to play then you’ll get beat. Physicality of Alabama is a point to consider when you’re playing a team right after they play Alabama.

• Jefferson’s injury is in the clavicle area, Pittman said. He’s better this week than last.

• We’ve handled twists and movement well in the past. Liberty did a lot of the same things against us that it did vs. Wake Forest. We simulated it. I don’t think we simulated the flatness and the speed of it.

• I don’t think Malik Hornsby would have been the better option at quarterback than Jefferson during the game Saturday. If you don’t practice the full time during the week, you’re not going to play as well. KJ said he was ready, so I believe most people - including me - would have said, “Let’s go.”

• On Myles Slusher and Anthony Brown’s availability: We have suspended them for at least one week. They have morning runs. They’ll both be in practice on scout team. It’s unfortunate and not acceptable. Part of our job is to teach these kids. Hopefully we’ll get that done.

• Our leadership is more by committee rather than a couple of players, like maybe last year. Grant Morgan was the guy last season. KJ is the leader for us, but he’s been hurt. Bumper is a leader for us, but he’s been hurt. Maybe they don’t feel like they’re in a place to do so because they’re hurt. I think we’ve got to build their confidence back up on saying what they need to say when needed.

• Hudson Henry has earned the right to go in there a little more like he has recently. He’s had a great attitude and physicality has been where we’ve wanted it to be.