Sam Pittman press conference notes

Pittman is scheduled to speak to reporters at noon. Updates will follow over the next half hour.

• We’re excited to play Liberty. They play hard, have a lot of talent and transfers on their team. Their only loss is to Wake Forest. They’d be undefeated if not for a failed 2-point conversion. We know we have our work cut out for us.

• We’re enjoying this run we’re on, even though it’s been just 2 weeks.

• I didn’t think we played at some positions. We’ve got to get better there. Special teams made too many errors, penalty-wise. Offensively, the line played OK but not as well as we can. I didn’t think we played, after watching the film, well as a team.

• On Dominique Johnson: Last Monday or Tuesday, he made a cut against air and tore his ACL again. It’s disheartening for him. He can use this as a redshirt year. He could be ready for fall camp, so we’re going with the positives out of a negative situation.

• On Liberty’s offense: They can run the ball. The quarterback running it is a concern of ours. They can throw the ball. We’ve got to be able to handle all the movement they do. If we do that early, we’ll have a chance this week.

• On Malik Chavis: I hope he can play this week. I was positive he would play last week, but he wasn’t. We found out Friday last week that he couldn’t go. But we got to travel Andrew Chamblee, so that was good. He’ll be practicing today, so that’s good.

• On Rocket and Reid Bauer getting named SEC players of the week: It’s good any time you have guys get some national pub. We had a drought where no one was getting recognized. But I think it helps with their confidence.

• On LSU kickoff at 11 a.m.: I was certainly hoping for a night game. But I will say when we played South Carolina at 11 a.m., it was packed and loud. Our fans will be there. But man, if we had all day, we could get further-away kids to come on recruiting visits. That is disappointing. Pittman later added that 3 p.m. games are about as good as it gets as far as kickoff times recruiting-wise.

• On being back at home: Thank you, Lord. It’s time to get back home. It’s a big deal for me, our staff and our kids to play in front of the state of Arkansas. If we win, the crowd will probably be a factor in the ball game.

• We need to keep Hudson Clark at one spot in the secondary. I think Malik Chavis will battle with Quincey McAdoo. It’s time to get him out there. I think we’ll leave Clark in the middle in the back end.

• Hugh Freeze’s teams will run and hit you. Offensively, those teams will show you something you haven’t seen before. They’re disciplined. They have some good return men, too. They should be ranked No. 23.

• Good things coming from Liberty: I think we’ll get their best game all year. I expect a close, tight game, and I hope we can make enough plays to win.

• On Bryan Harsin getting fired: You hate for anyone to get let go. I know he did it the way he wanted to do it and worked extremely hard. I don’t know the situation, but I’m sure he’ll be fine. He’s a fine coach.

• Matt Landers has had back-to-back impressive games. He needed some confidence – we all do. I think KJ is looking for him more, and Landers is the first read in a bunch of our progressions. He’s playing about like we thought he would when we got him from the portal.

• On Pooh Paul: He’s getting more snaps and playing well. He was fast, fluid and violent on his sack. He’s going to be a fine player and will play a lot. We’re taking a little bit off of Bumper because we need to get him through the whole season.

• Jackson Woodard is a great kid and all-in on Arkansas. It was good to see him get a chance and play well.

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Didn’t something similar happen with Zac Painter? Seemed like he floundered for a while and finally gotten moved to safety where he blossomed. Maybe at safety, there is more opportunity to read and anticipate than at CB?

Was glad to see Paul play Saturday and to hear they are giving him more time. I felt he should have been in Miss State game to spell Bumper. Bumper has been playing hurt and as good as he is , Paul would have been just as effective in my opinion. Having both helps D and develops Paul too.

Glad to see they settled on Hudson too. Hard to be trying to play two spots in this league and he will put his head in there and be physical plus good hands for balls in air.

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