Sam Pittman press conference notes

• I feel like we’re healthy as can be going into this game. We’re looking forward to going to play at Auburn this weekend.

• I watched football all day on Saturday, went to some games on Friday night and went out on the lake a little bit and watched some games. Our staff got together Sunday about 5 p.m. and worked until around 10 p.m.

• We’re going to look at Myles Slusher today in individual drills today. Khari Johnson will be back. Hopefully we can get Malik Chavis back no later than tomorrow. Latavious Brini has had an ankle for several weeks and we hope he’s healthier. We’ll know more about that soon. Marcus Henderson had a high-ankle sprain. Bumper Pool and Drew Sanders feel better. Jayden Johnson will be ready to go today in practice.


• Getting someone who might be a 1 on defense helps you not only on the field, but it helps play callers. You trust them more than maybe some other guys, and don’t have to just hope backups do well. We’re going to have to give Auburn’s offense several looks defensively.

• Jadon Haselwood had a shoulder injury a few weeks ago, but he feels a lot better. He will probably be in green at practice. On KJ Jefferson, he didn’t throw the ball last week. He’s had a little bit of a nagging shoulder deal, too.

• Pittman said he thinks Beaux Limmer is the most improved offensive lineman on the team as of now. He finishes blocks and has some nastiness to him. He’s smart and he’s strong. He can play center, too, and Pittman added he thinks center could be in his future, and he can play in the NFL one day.


• We’re going to keep practice the way it was before we went to BYU. The team implemented a halftime at practice to really hammer home the importance of starting fast. I like where our team is, and I think this is a big test for us. I’m excited with where we are, and KJ is a big part of it.

• Asked if there is a theme to this stretch run like there was last season with the Bs, Pittman said he came up with some things then brought it up to Dalton Wagner and KJ, and they liked it. Bumper Pool thought it was cheesy, so Pittman said he dropped it and it ended right there.


• For Matt Landers, the game he had at BYU was great for him and sort of lifted a weight off his shoulders. He didn’t have a score before then. He’s going to have to be really good for us down the stretch.

• Isaiah Sategna had a high ankle sprain, so that has held him back a little bit. We haven’t talked with him about redshirting yet, but we’d like to have him for four more years after this. At one point he was in the two-deep depth chart, then the ankle injury got him pretty good.

• On practices this week: We didn’t do anything physical last week. We’re going in shells today. We’ve got to go today and have a lot of energy and be involved big-time as coaches in this practice.

• On third-down success: We’d like to be higher than 17th in the country, certainly, even though that is a good mark. We have to lean on the offense right now. The offense needs to stay on the field and score points. Converting on third down is a great way to do that.


• On Jalen Catalon: His role with us is still kind of open-ended. I don’t know that he’s ready to come back just yet.

• I watched Ole Miss-LSU last Saturday. Liberty against BYU must have played a heck of a game. Pittman said he felt like he could sense BYU was reeling a little bit when Arkansas went out there. LSU and Ole Miss, the game got out of hand, and LSU had a really good offensive outing. LSU is talented and made a lot of plays.


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I do a thread like this for each of Sam’s press conferences on Monday.


Yep, so much better to read it than to watch a video–for me anyway.

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