Sam Pittman press conference notes

• Excited to go to BYU. Their head coach has done a really nice job. I like their linebackers on defense. It will be nice to get out of the conference ahead of the bye week.

• The difference in this year and last year after the three-game losing streak is the health of the team. We can certainly go back and look at last year when we got back in the top 20. The last two weeks we just haven’t played well and made some mistakes. In a nutshell, we’ve lost three games and we need to stop it. I felt a lot of disappointment last Saturday. I feel like we’ll be confident and ready to play this week.

• I talked to Malik Hornsby again, and he earned the backup job after last weekend. I asked if he wanted to play quarterback, receiver or cornerback, because we need some help over there. I think he validated what he thought about himself as a quarterback, and he’s ready when needed at quarterback. He wants to be a quarterback, and we were forcing him a little bit with our needs. I think he can become what we all think he can be if we leave him there.

• We struggled earlier in the season punting the ball, then went to Reid Bauer. We started Max Fletcher and there’s nothing wrong with him, but we knew if it didn’t go well we could turn to Reid. We will stick with him as long as he’s doing a nice job.

• I was proud of Bryce Stephens and the catch he made for the touchdown. It’s a complicated answer on what is going on with receivers, because sometimes they can get open but still not get the ball. But they have to get open and win their rep. We’re not doing some of those things. I think Matt Landers is a great talent. His catches have been a bit down recently.

• On red-zone issues: I think we’ve got to move the pocket a little bit more. KJ has been good with making plays on the move when the field condenses. We’ve got to score touchdowns when we get down there. And we’ve got to be able to run the ball better. Pittman mentioned earlier than he felt as if Arkansas ran the ball a but too upright in short-yardage situations, as well.

• The dropped interceptions and not converting in short yardage made a difference in last Saturday’s game. Those could have sparked us. Situational football killed us, and dropped interceptions put points on the board for them.

• I’m pleased with the way the O-line is playing, but not real pleased with some of the details we’re not crisp with. We can’t have self-inflicted errors. I thought we had played pretty well before last Saturday, but not last weekend.

• It is a normal week of practice for KJ Jefferson. He is going to go ahead and do his usual practice routine today.

• We’re going to watch our kids with sickle cell this week. We’re going to watch them closely and hydrate, and that should take care of the issues playing at elevation.

• We needed Hudson Clark to play safety for us on Saturday. He came up in the hole a few times in the run game, and Jo’quavious Marks ran hard, didn’t he? You can count on him, though. You can do a lot with a kid like that.

• Pittman on injuries in secondary (did not post earlier because I didn’t hear it clearly):

“I don’t know that Khari (Johnson) will be available. Jayden (Johnson) could be. We’re not going to practice him today. Khari probably not. Jayden, I don’t know. We’re holding him today.”

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