Sam Pittman...I've just gotta say this

I’ve seen some posts over the last couple of years about how Sam “embarrassed” us when he spoke at events like SEC Media Day. “Perpetuating the stereotype of Arkansas”.

That was never MY feeling, but some others expressed that sentiment. I guess he was “too country” for them. I just saw and heard sincerity. I think the vast majority have been in my camp, but I guess to some appearances are more important than being honest and “real”.

But I challenge anyone to watch him give his initial summary Wednesday, and then answer the questions of the press at the SEC meeting and then say anything negative about his presentation. He’s clearly grown into the position of Head coach in the SEC. I thought he was outstanding.

He was sincere, confident, cordial, considerate and responsive. I’m SO proud AND happy that he’s the U of A coach.


Agreed, Wiz. We’ve had brats, jerks, clowns, overgrown teenagers, fakes and some who were so full of themselves it was just hard to take. And what has been in vogue for some time now are the offensive gurus, or “play callers” that some fans think is a must. This program has needed a real coach and personality for a long time and he’s finally here. The five words in your last sentence really do describe they way he was today. I think the reason the players play so hard for a man like Sam is that they trust him and believe he is who he appears to be. Like you, I am so proud and happy.


I don’t get that criticism at all. I think Sam is great. Now I do understand the idea that when you are a coach at an academic institution you have to have at least a basic command of the English language, it’s pretty much a prerequisite when you are one of the faces of the institution. Some people here at UNC criticized former women’s basketball coach Sylvia Hatchell for being too “country”. I remember when Danny Ford said going to a bowl game in Florida allowed the team to have the great experience of going to Sea World to see “Schlomo the Killler Whale” (its Shamu, Coach). Even though both coaches won National Championships, that stuff can be a bit embarrassing. Or at least laughable. But in addition to not seeing any of that from Sam (I think he is a fine speaker, albeit not a barrel of laughs, but do we want Lou Holtz back?), he seems to be a fine coach, a great person, and his story of perseverance in a long coaching career culminating in becoming our head coach is inspirational. Enough for me.


Sam is the best for Arkansas . Man is sincere and the coaches around him and the players love him. Look how the Georgia players still feel about him after three years,


All of these are great comments. I will add that winning solves many questions and Sam and his staff have earned the respect they are now getting. If he can continue to build on the success of first two years, then you will see a much different take on him and his team. The success in recruiting has been noticed and the schedule ,while a tuff one , offers an opportunity for a giant step forward if last year can be matched.


Sam is a good speaker and has grown in the role. He is sort of a Gary Cooper kind of speaker to me. I think he represents us well. Most college coaches I see and hear speaking are not exactly Lincoln at Gettysburg.


I have listened and watched Razorback coaces for seven decades and Sam Pittman, as a spokesman for the University of Akansas football program, is well within the top three of that time. His presentation style is conversational and natural giving of a sense openness and credibility. To be frank, I have never heard so many positives from non football fans nor non UA Fayetteville supporters. He has a style that tells you he is charge, and accountable but always giving others recognition as part of whatever is being discussed. In this day and time, he is refreshingly informative and transparent without the manipulative style we have seen in prior times on the Hill, and regularly observe from some others with high profiles, I can’t imagine the soource of criticism noted and would close by repearting the adage of the proot being in the pudding. That applies to Sam Pittman;s performance across the board; attracting solid coordinators, assistants, recruiting players, preparing game plans and motivating his players, outperforming his coaching peers but always giving them their due, and communicating effectively with players as evidenced by performance on and off the field. I am very thankful for Sam Pittman being our coach.


I have not seen those complaints. Not one. So this is all lost on me. If they have been here, I missed them. I have not heard them on radio talk shows. Maybe some travel in different circles than me. But this seems much to do about nothing.


I am so happy to have Sam Pittman as our coach. People used to talk about the Georgia accent of Frank but he was pretty good for us.

We all have accents. I do roll my eyes when someone out of state on one of my fishing trips think mine is Texas based. Yikes.


Sam is getting more comfortable being in front of the media and I think he would tell you the same thing. Everybody loves Sam because he’s funny open and honest. Hard not to like a guy like that


I’ve had folks around the country mistake my accent for a Texas accent. I tried not to have a negative reaction but most of the time it just came out. Anything but Texass……


Jean Ann normally gets guesses she is from Mississippi and does not like it. Dewitt is Deep South for sure.



If he starts losing, there will be all kind of things wrong with him.


I have lived in the North for the last 35 years. People guess me as being from Texas all the time. Arkansas and Texas have similar accents. That stands to reason since they are contiguous states. Since Texas has 10 times more people than Arkansas, it is the statistically more probable guess.


Brooklyn, New York here.

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Clay, I can’t (or, won’t take the time) to go search them out and provide links. I participate on 3 Razorback related boards, including this one. Of the 3, this would be the least likely to have someone post such a criticism, but believe me when I say that I absolutely have read such posts since he was hired 2 years ago. Not great volumes, but more than a handful. I’d guess most were on the other 2 boards.

It’s always rubbed me the wrong way, for the reasons I listed in the OP - Sam has always come across as sincere and proud to be here. Those 2 things go a long way with me - plus, I know he is an outstanding coach already from his other stops. The only question I think most of us may have had (to some degree) was whether he could translate that into Head Coaching success at the highest level (SEC). But I’ve never felt apologetic about the fact that he wasn’t initially as polished a speaker as others who have been Head Coaches 10 to 30 years.

I love the guy.


I don’t know many there were, but I remember some of those complaints last year that Wiz mentioned.