Sam Pittman introduction notes

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You just saw how much this means to Sam and why young men have been lining up to run through a wall for him for years.

He will not have one foot in here, this is not a stepping stone job for him, this is his dream job. We needed a man, who for once, was willing to crawl here, not vice versa!


He is 100% in, no slogans no foolishness just passion for righting the ship.

Great introduction.


I think this was a great, great hire!GHG

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Fantastic hire. We could have not done better.

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Just announced 5 Million assistant salary pool.

You can’t take the Ed O route, and short it by 2 Million.

That’s just flat out not going to cut it.

Our last salary pool was 5 million, filled with guys a little older than me.

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yeah i was expecting it be more than 5 mill…

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It was also filled with $1.5M for a semi-warm body named Chavis.

Here’s the 2019 list that I can find from the ADG state employee salary database or media reports:
Chavis $1.5M
Lunney $365K
Stepp $400K
Ingram $340K
Craddock $600K
Traylor $370K
Fry $400K
Cooper $355K
Smith $225K
Caldwell $360K

Get a real DC for $1.2M, a real OC for $800K and you have $3M to spend on the other 8 guys.

Where did you see $5M for the pool anyway? Sam was asked directly about the pool and said it was satisfactory.

Georgia’s pool this year was $6M including $900K for a non-coordinator (the one we just hired). It ain’t that different.
UGA list: OC $950K, Pittman $900K, co-DCs $750K and $550K, DB $600K, TE $300K, ST $325K, DL $470K, WR $550K, RB $650K.

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Amazes me that we build $160mm end zone palaces, but go cheap on the budget for the men directly responsible for the product that will - or won’t - fill it up.

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Does the $5mm include support staff?

All of that’s true swine.

What’s also true is that it’s still bottom of the SEC. higher than some 3 schools, barely.

We aren’t going the Ed-O route for 2 million less. You don’t have enough money to swing big tome assistants from other schools.

Ole miss also got 2.2 M for support staff, we won’t go near that, I’d expect.

Georgia has 6.4 million, in the one I see. Granted it’s 2018, but I doubt they went down.
They also pay Kirby- 6.4 Million

We got Pitt for really cheap- 3M, id bet that’s cheapest in the SEC.

Aranda is making $2.5 million at LSU. That eats up a whole lot of the difference. And it’s about to go a lot higher because they’re giving Brady a big raise.

That’s because when you go with the model that we just chose, you have to empty the bank on coordinators.

Can’t always expect to find a bargain. You pay for what you get. We are spending sec bottom money.

Moorhead and Odom made $3.05M this year according to USA Today database. Luke made $3.1M.

Once again, where did you see this $5 million pool number?

HY made a comment regarding the coach’s pool. He said something like $5 mm or so.

I don’t think so. Our pool for 2019 was $4.9 million for just the 10 assistants.

Ah, the “or so” gives him wiggle room. HY’s not going to kneecap SP at this point by telling him he can’t do what’s needed to get a quality staff. Somebody came up with a $10 million figure for head coach and assistants last week. I really don’t expect HY to give him $7M to spend, but I bet there’s some room if an extra $200K can get a really quality guy.

Looking at the UGa list again, the people I thought he might bring with him are definitely not on minimum pay. He’ll have to give them raises to get them away from Kirby.

So, he is the lowest paid. My point

This is from 2018, so you can expect naturally that almost all of them increased. Ours increased by 1M because Chavis salary was only 500k in this.

And 5 M doesn’t give you a lot of room to give them pay raises. And hire quality Coordinators.

A good coordinator will not cost less than 1Million. Most are around 1.5

Possible staff distribution with a $5.2M cap, just for fun, with $200K of “or so”.

DC $1.2M
OC/QB $900K
RC $500K (we’ll say this is the DL coach)
LB $450K
TE $400K
DB $400k
RB $350k
S $350K
ST $350K
WR $300k

You want to tweak that and give the OC $1.2M and cut the special teams and WR guys down to $225K, cool. LSU’s low-level assistants are about at that level.

Georgia isn’t paying it’s coordinators that much and I would dispute any characterization that they aren’t good. The two DCs put together aren’t making $1.5M.