Sam Pitman for President (HC)

The Georgia folks are nervous that we hire him. They love him and think he’s a great leader and HC material.

He’s my favorite dark horse.

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It would be an interesting hire in the Orgeron at LSU mold. Great recruiter (certainly the best recruiter of lineman we have ever had) and motivator. Would need to hire good coordinators and let them do their thing.

Yup, but you could say that about anyone, including Urban Meyer and Nick Saban.

No thank you.

Recruits would be going who is Sam Pittman?

Recruits, especially big time ones, know exactly who Sam Pittman is.

I think it would be a very interesting decision. On one hand, he has extensive coaching history throughout OK, MO, KS, TN, AR, GA. He has a tremendous amount of contacts and is highly respected in the profession. He could put a big time staff together.

On the other side, he’s never even been a coordinator at this level and hasn’t be a HC since JC. So, why hasn’t he been a HC yet?

There’s a rumor going around he has a house in Arkansas. No house but he and Jamie have bought a lot to build on in the future.

Just putting that out there because a couple of people have asked me about them having a house in Arkansas.

My impression of Pitman is very positive and I would think that he is being strongly considered. The fact that several former players think highly enough to recommend him should not be overlooked because those are the people who know him the best.

Pitman may not be the best choice in several important categories like head coaching experience, but what I really like about him is that he has exceptional experience in probably the area of greatest need which is the offensive and defensive linemen. I think I have heard every successful power 5 coach in America say that a successful offense and defense both start in the trenches and I would argue that this is Arkansas" weak link. Pitman is known as an excellent recruiter and part of that reputation revolves around his history of knowing how to develop lineman for the NFL. This is a guy who knows this particular area of the game as well as anyone and I think the NFL reputation will help him just like it is apparently helping Musselman and his basketball recruiting.

Pitman does not have head coaching experience but it is hard to imagine any candidate with more overall experience that what he has amassed. Being a head coach is certainly different but it is just hard for me to imagine that a guy like Pitman would not have all the tools to handle the responsibilities of a head coach. First and foremost he is a guy that will likely be able to recruit a great coaching staff and a guy who has worked for numerous head coaches should have a real good handle on how good head coaches utilize a good staff. He likely knows how to delegate and coordinate a staff because he has been on the receiving end of it for a long time. Just because he has not been the guy in charge does not mean that he does not know how to take charge and I suspect those former players would not be recommending him for something so important to all of them if they did not believe in him.

Just my two cents worth but this is a guy who has earned his stripes though years of hard work. He is known as an excellent recruiter especially with linemen and I think he would have a lot of coaches wanting to work on his staff.

Steve Sarkisian is also an interesting possibility. Coordinator at Alabama, he’s been a head coach, and he has NFL experience. Similar to Musselman hire.

This thread is 20+ days old…interesting retrospective.

You nailed it!