Sam on the morning after


Love it. Sam is proud and he has every right to be. He has also made us proud again.


Gotta believe that both he and Briles are very marketable right now, having turned around these Hogs from “worse than Vandy”.

I don’t think CSP’s going anywhere. Every win from here on is adding to his base salary next year, plus the bowl bonus. But money aside, I think he really wants to be here, this is his dream job. Remember he and his wife are from across the border in Oklahoma, not far from campus.

Now Odom and Briles, once the coaching carousel opens up post-season, I’m sure there will be teams making a run at them. I’d be surprised if both are here next year. Hard to pass up a head coach opportunity, even if for less money. Even a lower tier HC position can be a stepping stone to something bigger (if successful).

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That’s awesome you can tell Sam is a proud man!

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I bet they turned that jukebox up as loud as it could go to!!

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Good! I hope Briles finds something somewhere else.

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Just two years ago we were 115th in total offense out of 130 teams. This year, we are 18th in total offense out of 130 teams.

Yeah, lets get rid of an OC that has us in the Top 20 in the nation in total offense. :roll_eyes:

Man, Hog fans kill me sometimes.


Indeed. If we replace him, it will be with someone else who knows less than fans about play-calling. I don’t recall us ever having a coach as smart and knowledgeable as our fans. I’ve noticed other teams have the same problem.

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Too much east west and not enough north south. It appears to me that CSP is more and more involved in situational play calling as the season goes on. I don’t care if you agree with me or disagree with me. And if you’re going to throw out stats, at least be sure they are correct. After this weekend, we are 34th.

I’m pretty sure about the only thing we agree on is that ASU stinks!

Perhaps, but that is enough. :grin:


That’s true. But, it can be a very misleading stat without context. The context is not only do the Hogs play in the SEC West, arguably the toughest division outside of the NFL West :wink. Moreover, the Hogs are one game away from playing all those great teams on our schedule…so, our stats are not built on the SunBelt. That 34th represents 3rd in the SEC West and 5th in the SEC; remarkable from where we were two years ago…just barely besting Vandy.

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I missed the new stats after this weekend, but my point remains. It’s dumb to get rid of an OC that has completely turned our offense around in 2 short years.

Who would you hire next year for OC if we let him go? Then we would have to learn a whole new system again, and that would set back our progress.

I didn’t bring up the stats. Only pointing out we are NOT in the top 20. I guess these days people can cite whatever they want.

I did bring up the stats because we were in the Top 20 two weeks ago. My bad…I missed the updated stats.

I’ve argued all year long that Ole Miss got the better OC from the Briles family tree. It appears they are 3rd. They are not THAT much better in talent. Jeff calls a better game. He seems to get into a better flow and identifies what they do best. Sure, I get they have a Heisman candidate QB but KJ played just as well at Matt against them.

We would be much higher than 34th if we hadn’t lost so many yards going east and west.

Ole Miss is 3rd in total offense and they play in the same conference we do.

My coach takes selfies😢