Sam, Muss and Dave…

Just saw a video on Facebook of Sam Pittman, Dave Van Horn and Muss in an emotional 3 way hug after the game Saturday, Dave canceled a baseball practice to join Muss on the sidelines of the big game. We have been blessed with really outstanding coaches in the “big 3” sports on the hill (not to mention outstanding coaches the other Hog sports),

I’ve been a Hog fan for well over 60 years and these guys make an old guy smile.

And leading the way Hunter gets a big shout out.


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I don’t recollect ever seeing this level of strong comaraderie among coaches at other schools. Under HY, Arkansas has evolved into a culture within the athletic dept. where coaches actively support & promote one another & The UofA. I assume the same is true of the athletes within the various Hog sports programs & must have a positive impact on social media & our recruiting.


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