Sam maxed out his raise

The Nerd at Missouri won’t be line for a raise unless it’s a cushion to coll his rear end from the hot seat he’s about to be in!

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They ALL need/deserve a raise including HY. Bump up Coach Odom very nicely making it very difficult for him to leave us.If that doesn’t happen UA will be sagging in the defense dept. next year plus we’ll have to start all over again back to square one,YUCK! And if Sam wants Briles to stay and I assume he does, let his back pocket know too. The SEC has a good thing and they know it. That’s where the BIG MONEY is. Spread it around to the coaches and assistants. GHG!

I don’t know. He and Sam have won the same amount of games in their 2 year tenures (11), but Drink has won one more SEC win than Sam (thanks to being in the SEC East). They both got bowl eligible this season. It wouldn’t surprise me if he doesn’t get a raise for that.

I think Sam did a much better job, considering the depths of despair the Hog football program was in when he took over. Because of that, I believe it would border on a “miscarriage of justice” for Sam to make less than the MO Nerd next season.

We want Sam to feel appreciated & that means paying him well. However, he has no children, so he probably doesn’t have the same financial goals others do. He can live a luxurious life on his current salary for many years after retirement. Of course, that still wouldn’t satisfy some people, but I believe it will satisfy Sam. I agree with others who’ve said he will want his staff well paid.

Don’t get me wrong, I want us to pay him well, but I don’t think we have to match the Saban/Tucker/Fisher rates to keep him happy. If that’s the case, we’ve hit the jackpot in many ways.

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I don’t think we have to go Saban/Tucker either, but we might have to go $5-6M. Plus big bumps for the staff.

Yes. That’s kinda what I’m thinking, too.

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Yes, what I said previously, and he may get offered more to show how much he’s appreciated, but he may turn it down cause that’s just who he is. Then again he may say YES SIR ILL TAKE IT!! Lol

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Agree on staff. Sam is a CEO coach. He will need premier assistants.

Not saying that Sam is not doing a very good job, but my imperfect memory has me remembering the “pay the players” and NIL proponents consistently used the tremendous salaries of the coaches as being compelling evidence for making their points. Of course I realize there was a disparity even with between the coaches income and the kids situation, even before the latest salary escalation madness, but wonder where we are headed.

Having read the SI article, I think CSP and Mrs. CSP, after moving like 15 times in 20 years, would love to settle down for keeps. Of course, he deserves to be paid in line with his peers. So the bump he’s already earned has to be a minimum when you look around, I believe.

I do wonder how CSP compares to our last few coaches by the metric of $ paid per win on the field (if only there were someone on the board smart enough and nerdy enough to take up that challenge), and which coaches are the best bargains overall.

I would like to see continued success next season before giving him a big pay raise.

You want to see Sam coaching the Gators next year because we wanted to see two good years before locking him down? Because that’s exactly what you’re risking.

We gave a big contract and buyout to Bielema after 2 season and look how that turned out.

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If you base it on wins, the last coach should be put into indenture servitude to the UA for the rest of his life.

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The Missouri nerd may not have a job after next season if he goes 6-6 again.
The East is a cake walk compared to the west. Coach Pittman had at least 1 win robbed from him last season and a few other games they were altered by the zebras.
Coach Pittman has more knowledge and football than the nerd. He’s absolutely better dealing with media and people than the nerd.
What ever he makes he has earned it. I hope for him to get a raise but the raises are built into his contract.

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Bielema got the raise after year 2, yes, but he continued to improve in year 3 (8-5, became the first and only Arkansas coach to win two straight bowls). So using your criteria he would have gotten the big raise then. Would that have been any better?

Sam’s either worth it or he isn’t. But if he is, and you don’t pay him…

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Sam isn’t going anywhere, he knew, actually he said he didn’t, what his contract was when he took the job. He’s gotten a 25% pay raise this year, with the ability to add to it every year. Now, if HY thinks we need to rework his contract in order to keep him happy, they’ll do it, but because Tucker is getting a ridiculous contract based on one year, Hunter isn’t going to do that. While we all are doing back flips over our season, we still finished 4-4 in our conference, and should we lose the bowl game, he’ll have an under .500 winning %.

That winning % would only qualify him for a 50% level of his remaining buyout, he has to be over .500 to get 75%. Sam and Hunter will do what’s best for Sam, and the UofA athletic budget, which lost $30M+ last year, borrowed money $19M in 2020 from Regions, and has gotten a $23M advance from the conference office, as all schools did. Now, I know this year has put a lot of money back into the coffers, and we may have paid off the loan, but we aren’t rolling in money, just yet. Also, we have no idea what the world will look like this coming season.


First of all, the Gators won’t be calling CSP. He’s not a sexy hire for them and they are going for broke now. Maybe they call Joey Freshwater, actually I hope they do. I think The Flop will be getting a big raise after the year. I bet CSP gets bumped above $ 4 mil., maybe up to $4.5 mil. a year. We’re paying our OCs pretty well, at least from a historical perspective. All in all, I don’t see HY letting things slide over cash. Look at all the programs on the Hill and they are on the up swing. HY should get AD of the Year!


@hogq You nailed it IMO. I hope they temp Joey enough to go or get a huge raise from the Black Bear, Land Shark, Rebels or whatever they are called today.


Not saying the contract incentives are not a good strategy before he proved himself etc. and I like incentives for continued performance as well.

But is it a good look nationally that the Arkansas job pays among the lowest in our own conference even?