Sam maxed out his raise

If I remember the contract right, he’s earned a raise to $3.75 million by winning eight games.


Yes he has.

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A bargain :moneybag::moneybag::trophy:


Very much a bargain……


You look at the contracts being handed out (Mel Tucker’s $95M at Sparty for instance) and it is really a bargain.

You wonder if a Florida or somebody is going to throw money at Sam and make him say no.

I don’t think Sam would leave Arkansas for anywhere.


I don’t either.

Coach Pittman is happy at Arkansas!
The other side of the picture happy wife happy life!


I understand Sam is quite a bit different, but there are still market considerations that every athletic director is going to have to deal with. This includes HY. I understand nobody wants to sign long term, high-dollar, guaranteed contracts. But at some point, if Sam continues to have great success, then Hunter is probably going to have to do that. Hunter gave Sam a great opportunity, and I’m sure Sam really appreciates that. In return, Sam has performed and should continue to perform amazingly well. He is going to have to get financially rewarded for that, even despite the fact we all think we were burned by Bielema and Morris.

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I saw this week that Liberty has given Freeze a raise to $4 million a year. Are we really going to play a non-Power 5 program next year that pays their head coach more than we do?

I wonder if there won’t be a little more added to Pittman’s before next year.

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The Baptists will pay big $$ for winning football. See also Baylor and Aranda. He’s making big, big money with his new contract.

A 25% pay raise- and that does not include bonuses he can add in. Nice to have a coach you feel like actually earned his pay bumps.

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I haven’t really looked into Pittman’s contract. Do the same exact incentives apply next year?

Nope, those are all raises, so his new baseline is $3.75M. There are bonuses he can get for things like winning the West, etc., but he can’t get another $750K raise for winning 8 next year.

Yes, he can get the same raise next season.


Really? I didn’t read it that way.

CSP wants money for his assistant coaches, I don’t think he is a greedy guy at all.


Coach has earned his performance based raises this season for sure! I hope he is able to earn similar raises next season. At some point the crazy contracts to coaches has to stop being repeated!

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Even with his $750K raise he’s still next to last in the SEC. Still below Drinkbitch, who will almost certainly also get a raise. That probably means, even if Sam wins 8+ again next season, he may still be below him. That should be fixed!

Remember, Sam not only earned his salary, he has increased revenue with ticket sales, and bowl revenue.


If Florida or anyone else comes sniffing around, HY will have to fix it. He can’t just assume Sam will turn down megabucks.