Sam Irwin Hill just made FG for Cowboys

I guess he is trying to make the team as punter but must be backup place kicker in pre-season games like this.

I doubt he makes it unless there are injuries to kicker Dan Bailey and punter Chris Jones - who have both been the team since 2011, but maybe he can hook on with another team or the Cowboys’ practice squad.

Certainly has done well tonight.

Well we know he can run the fake!

Just to note for those who have forgotten that Dan Bailey started off on the Razorback roster in 2006 on an academic scholarship. After Bailey failed to win the kicking job (Jeremy Davis was our kicker that year), HDN told him he’d have to give up that academic scholie because otherwise he would count against the 25/85 limits. Rather than give up the scholarship, Bailey left school, spent a year out of college and football, and eventually wound up at Okie Lite. And the rest is history.

And Jeremy Davis will always be able to say he won the kicking job over a guy who is one of the best kickers in NFL history.

As per a conversation I had with Bailey’s father, your story is correct . . . except for the part about Davis winning the job. Bailey was told he had won the job. Then, Nutt found out about not being able to carry him without having a scholarship count against him (they had thought otherwise before, for whatever reason), and then he flip-flopped and told Bailey the scholarship wasn’t there.

For the record, this conversation was not confidential. He (the father) told me he did not care if I shared it with others, or not. Suffice to say, he’s not the biggest Nutt fan.

That part doesn’t surprise me either. It’s not like the rule that academic scholies have to count against the 85 is anything new. Nutt screwed it up.


That part doesn’t surprise me either. It’s not like the rule that academic scholies have to count against the 85 is anything new. Nutt screwed it up.
[/quote]That’s the part that got under the Baileys’ skin - Nutt and his staff should have known this during the Spring. As it was, they (Baileys) weren’t told until mid-summer, IIRC - too late to do anything about it for that season (hence, his year “off”). Coaches make hard decisions and have to manage to scholarship limits all the time; that’s part of it. But there is no excuse for a coaching staff to NOT KNOW the rule and therefore screw a player out of an opportunity to go elsewhere.

Obviously, it ultimately turned out well for Dan. But that doesn’t change the fact that it was a serious and regrettable screw up by Nutt.

Per a conversation I had with Dan when he was here, Danwas told that if he won the job, he would get a scholarship.

He did win the job, but then HDN said he didn’t have one for him and he would need to walk on a year.

Dan basically said Bye Felicia and the rest is history.

I have never understood coaches’ hesitancy to award scholarships to Kickers once they’ve proven themselves.

I can see waiting to let them prove themselves to avoid a Hedlund situation but once they’re proven (especially as underclassmen) they’re worth every penny of scholarship money.

It’s just an old, outmoded way of thinking. There are plenty of busts at every position but for whatever reason that’s the only one that has to prove it over and over (usually) to get a scholarship.

I was floored to see Sam Irwin-Hill come out for kickoffs! I said to my son, “This guy is kicking off in the NFL!” With our kickoffs being so lousy, I said, “Why didn’t coach Bielema have him kickoff for us?” Then Sam kicked it out of bounds and the ball was brought to the 40.