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That stinking sort of loss. Of course, he has not been favoured much. GA was not good, but then we all knew how good they were. This could be it. We are favoured, but they are a very good, well coached team coming in to prove something. There is a whole lot of “us” in them. I expect a tough SEC type game (as if we don’t have enough of those on this schedule!).

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Thing is, we are coming in to prove something too.

Should be a good game. Hogs are about to show a lot of us that they are a “good a@@ team”, as Coach likes to say.

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I would say Ga. was a stinking type loss. They were obviously the best team in the nation but 37-0 in any game is a stinking loss.

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Arkansas also lost 52-3 to Alabama in Pittman’s first year, another national champion.

I think Pittman will tell you that the loss that bothers him most is Auburn last year. He said he pressed too much in that game — trying to convert fourth downs when he shouldn’t have, settling for a field goal attempt that was on the edge of his kicker’s range, etc.

The Auburn loss taught him to force the other team to make the mistakes.


Good point. Had not thought of that one. We were the better team and lost

Auburn had a very good defense last year…gave Bama all they could. We just didn’t execute.

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Was at the game. Nobody was going to beat them that day, the energy in the stadium was incredible for an early game. Just ran into a buzz saw that day.

The Auburn loss last year was a tough one. We were much better than them. That was the only game all year that I thought the team was mentally down and just did not play to their standards.

The Georgia game we were never going in there that early in the season and be ready. I gave the team a pass on that one.


The one that still hurts is Ole Miss. secondary was just not there that day. That’s where they might be improved this year. If it is, expect more blitzes.


And by secondary you mostly mean play at cornerback I assume.

I get really frustrated when fans scream and yell for blitzes when the corners can’t play man. Yes, there are zone blitzes. That’s true. But if you are gonna blitz alot, you HAVE to have corners that can play man. Otherwise, to quote Clay, the other team’s band is gonna play alot.

Hopefully the corner play is gonna be improved. Having Cat back, and healthy is huge.

(Please don’t call Cat for targeting within the first quarter officials).

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That is a :heartbeat:x 3 …Please, Don’t take our Safety away!!! And only Blitzes where our CBs maintain touch contact until the whistle sounds. And no Bearcat Pep Band repetitive renditions of Let’s Go UC O

You are correct in all parts of your thoughts in my opinion.

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