Sam has agreed to new contract

They told the recruits this morning.


what are the details of his new contract??

Not released yet

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Coach I was at your opening presser and to be 1 of 8 FBS schools keeping the 3 main guys is huge!

Proud of you Sam.

Turn that jukebox on!!


That is GREAT news that Sam’s contract is done and both sides are happy.

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Welcome to the “Hotel Arkansas”…Coach Pittman

“You can check out any time you want, but you can never leave…”


Agreed…turn that darn juke box on brother!!! So happy to hear this news.

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Happy indeed for Sam and us.

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I am sure Matt will be filing FOI so we can know the details as soon as it is possible.

The UA will put out a press release before the ink is dry on the signatures.

Pretty good, Richard.

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