Salukis on pace to score 84 in Oxford

That’s the Reb Bear Defense I expected to see this year.

D sucks as bad or worse than reported and NWO corps is better than expected. Could be a great game for Old Lady of Little Rock. I went to Vandy game and wish we had an OL like that. Vandy beat sheets out of media darling Jay Norvell. Shurmur is the real deal right now. Both Middle and Nevada would be Eastern Illinois as bad as we did. Eastern seems to be the worst direction of the Illinois schools… Sorry Kim, but you got a ways to go in the directional race of Illinois

Oh come on. They’re probably better than the Leathernecks.

Much better Defense by rebellious ones in second quarter. Salukis now on pace to score just 76.

hope this not a preview of our game … :cry:

I was. I just got home and saw the score. Guess defense isn’t as good as we thought.

I’m referring to hog defense. 25 strait points, is that correct? Wow is all good can say.