Salaries, bonuses and buyouts

Someone told me that Mike is the 17th highest paid coach in the country? Anybody know if that is true?

Reply: Jan 6, 2015 · Anderson will continue to make $2.2 million annually during his two-year extension, the same salary as his original contract.

Before taken the Ark job he turned down 2 mil offer from Georgia and 3mil offer from Oregon . For me this is a head-scratcher as it relates to AD Long and CBB who received an increase in salary and buyout when his contract was extended. Yet during his 5yrs not one single season did BB ever finish at least 500 with conference wins vs losses. I always thought you were paid according to you conference Successes

2015 Bret finished 5-3 in conference.

I do agree, I was wondering if CMA got an extension, I think he definitely deserves one