Saints' Sean Payton tests positive for virus

No major symptoms, self quarantined. First positive case in the NFL.

But there’s an Arkansas angle. Payton was at Oaklawn last weekend. At least one horse trainer spent time with Payton there and will self quarantine as well (and this is why they advise social distancing, folks; anyone who was around him at the track might be exposed).

Two schools of thought here…Because of Payton’s star-status Im sure anyone that knew who he was wanted to shake his hands and then again someone at the track may have given the virus TO him. Either way, not a good week-end @ Oaklawn.

Also true. He could have been exposed at the track as well.

Kinda hard to social distance at horse race track I would think.

I thought I heard horses would run but no fans allowed. Maybe Sean is owner and was there??

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