Saints got robbed by refs!!

Wow… with less than 2 min to go in the game, Brees threw a pass
and the receiver got pasted before the ball ever arrived. It wasn’t
even a close bang bang judgment. CLEAR interference. The ref
must have had the flag stuck in his ass as it never hit the field. It
would have gave the Saints the ball with 1st and goal with about
1:30 to go and a couple of knees they kick a FG with no time left
to win the game.

Instead, it allowed the Rams life, which they took advantage of
and now are in the Superbowl. What a travesty!

One of the worst things I’ve ever seen in a playoff game!!

Unreal!!! Now no matter who wins the next game I’ll have to root
for them even if its the Patriots (spit). I just can’t root for a team
that should not be there!!

In St. Louis, they would say the Saints just got DonDenkingered.

They oughta award the Halas trophy to the refs instead of the Rams. What a joke! There were two critical no calls on PI that went against the Saints, either of which could’ve changed the outcome of that game. I hope Sean Payton rips the refs in his press conference and screw the fine. Who Dat folks will gladly pay it for him. That ref shouldn’t be allowed back in the playoffs…ever. That was awful.

Does it remind you of the refs in the SEC or the “Tide conference”.

Absolutely pathetic and they are supposed to be some league’s best officials…smh

That was bad. If I understand correctly, the officiating crews today are the Nos. 2 and 3-ranked crews in the league this year. You just can’t miss that call at that time in a game that big.

If I was the conspiracy theory type, I might think of something like this:

a) Networks would prefer an east coast team vs a west coast team. Better
for viewership than two teams from middle America. Boston and LA are
much bigger markets than KC and New Orleans.

b) Better story line with LA Rams coach. They get to pump the “Youngest
coach ever” vs Belichek (arguably one of the most accomplished).

Fortunately I do not fall in the conspiracy theory category, I just fall in the
category of those refs were just crappy at their jobs. Almost beyond SEC
crappy (yes thats hard to believe anyone could be that bad).

Worst call I have ever seen in my 58 years of life and I’m a 49er fan don’t really care for the Saints and really don’t care for the Rams And actually there were 2 horrible non PI calls for the Saints Another was with 5 30 left in the 4th when they were a 1st away from another score possibility.

Yep one of the worst calls I’ve seen & ref right there.
Makes one wonder.

If they were supposed to the best refs, I need to apply. Hopefully the league takes some action against this crew…the unemployment line.

West Coast Money. Ratings will be higher with the Pats and the Rams. KC will get screwed as well.


Yep. NFL is a farce. This just solidifies my disgust with
the league that is totally ruled by TV sets and the big
advertising whales. The rules and fair play be damned.

Not worth it.

Jeez, you had to mention that!! :shock:

I’ll have nitemares tonight :sunglasses:

only thing worse is Al Riveron who is the top of the dung heap that is the good ol boy network of NFL officials. See Rodger Redding for same in college refs but he learned well in the SEC.

2 big time helmet to helmet hits that were unpenalized and the first took out the only TE they had on a truly dirty play to the head.

Truly 100% recognition of the absolute miss including the perpetrator who expected a flag. SAD and has been pointed out across the nation by media and social network it is a NFL nightmare. Saints have a bad history with anything that Goodell can influence. Nothing will come that should have fixed this egregious and repeated blown call. Same SJ ref missed the other obvious dPI and he was on the crew with the head ref all year. Only true turtler was Vinovich who defended his guy post game and claimed to not have seen the play even with GIF galore showing him staring straight at the scene of the crime. … at-saints/

Very familiar SEC calls… that looked like our game against Florida with crying Tebow licking on the ref’s shoes.

It was a horrible, horrible non-call.

But the Saints “lost” that game, choking it away after having the 13-0 lead.

I am sure they will blame the ref, but should blame themselves more.

Harsh… :shock:

If the ref makes that call, the Rams have one time out, the Saints take two knees and kick a chip shot field goal for the win. The Rams would have got the ball back with almost no time on the clock if the field goal was not kicked as time expired. So the Saints should only blame themselves if you buy that the kicker would miss the chip shot or that the Rams would have had time to get in position for a tying FG or a Hail Mary win.

It’s the conference championship game, you expect a hard fought game. You don’t expect a victory to be denied by NFL refs blowing a call that any pee-wee football ref should get right every time. It’s a huge black eye for the league and its officials.


Yes, horrible non-call.

As well as the pair of face masks non-calls that should have been called against the Saints. One of which resulted in a Rams FG vice TD.

Saints had their chances but got out coached and out played at home. They couldn’t knock out the Rams in the Firsr Half and the Rams had the mental toughness to come back on the road to win.