Saintly Trolls

If you only want to comment on posts and call people trolls, who do not agree with you, why do you come on this board??? This is a discussion board, because you do not agree, does not make you correct. I have been following the hogs since 1963. My Dad graduated from UofA in 1938. I have an uncle who is recognized as one of the greatest basketball centers to play at UofA. I have sent two children through college at UofA. I buy season tix, I give to scholarship fund… I am a hog fan but, I am honest on my opinion. You guys want people banned because you do not agree with them. If you think that will make this forum better, great. Reality is, you know better.

Keep posting - I have long felt HI leaned towards the more optimistic portion of the fan base. withput a variety of opinions a discussion board becomes a propoganda board. Does anybody really want that?