Saint Mary's-UConn underway

Winner gets us Thursday night in Vegas (and will have the home unis). Score is 2-2 so far.

5-4 at the first TVTO

Who we rootin’ for and why? No one has mentioned St. Mary’s as a Final Four team, so i figure they aren’t as dangerous. But their style…could be an issue.

Scottie said he thought SMC would be a better matchup for us.

Gaels are shooting 70% from the floor so far. We definitely can’t allow that to happen. Looks like UConn’s guards are a little turnover-prone.

I worry with a half court, deliberate team. Our patience and ability to resist the temptation to get into a long range shooting game worries me in slower paced games. When the game is shortened and number of possessions reduced, shooting percentage becomes critical.

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Number of turnovers is even more critical.

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As of right now I’d rather play UConn, may change my mine soon.

I just hope both of them are thinking “OH sh*t!! If we win we have to play Arkansas!!”


UConn has played well this year, losing to other tournament teams and Mike Anderson’s St John’s team. Beat Alabama by double digits. I would rather play St Mary’s.

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Why would we get home uni’s?

You misread Swine’s post. We won’t get home unis. The higher seed gets them. Both SM & UC are higher seeded than we are. We won’t have home unis the rest of the tournament unless we play Princeton. (I think they’re the only lower seeded team still standing.)

I feared saint Mary’s 3 shooting, but UConn is shooting it well. We send it well, so will see.

Saint Mary’s is driving to the basket with ease. UConn scoring easily in the paint With big man.

If they can. RC4, Devo and AB should be able to drive on them at will.

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What I was thinking.

Baylor down early 21-14 10:35 1st half.

Saint Mary’s 3rd leading scorer is out with back injury.

UConn is a huge basketball team have to keep them off the glass

Sonogo is a beast but we stopped Oscar so the twins can hopefully hold their own but he is a far better offensive player than Oscar is. They got Andre the Giant that they bring in after that and he’s a load…

24 is a heck of a player for them Hawkins I believe is his name.

The main thing is our guys are very confident right now and that means a lot but we’re going to have our hands full with Uconn who beat Bama by 15 when they played them.

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Yea…I misread.

I think kj and the twins can hold their own in the paint. I think we can drive as well and draw foul trouble.

Well it’s not going to be as easy as you think it is because if you remember how easily Alabama drove the ball on us Connecticut held them to 67 points. I think they’re better on defense and you’re giving them credit for but I hope you’re right