Sagarin: Hogs by 12 over Lipscomb, by 6 over Tulsa

Using his Predictor rankings.

Also interesting to note that he’s changed his home court adjustment from 3.0 points to 2.0, presumably because of decreased/no home crowds.

6 over Tulsa…I sure hope so, but this team winning a big road game this early, that’s a stretch (especially 6 or more). Yes, TU doesn’t have a win yet, but they’ve also not played a home game yet (before this eve).

On the other hand, I was really impressed with Vanover and Moody this week. They both have upside – meaning, I envision our team getting better and better this season.

LOL … I wondered aloud here just last week whether he should do just this. :grin:

Early Vegas line (No strip casinos) is Hogs -16.

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