Safety Story...Oy!

Am I the only one reading Bob’s story on the safety competition that was made crazy by the comments on D. Coley?
He had to be pulled from plays for being overly aggressive, taking bad angles and not tackling right. All the things that plagued the defense last season.
I was hoping we might see some new faces in the safety mix this spring. Instead it is the same guys, making the same mistakes, at least in Coley’s case. And he is a senior. Five years and still doing the same things that get you beaten.
Without vastly improved play from the safeties, 3-4, 4-3, 1-6, it is not going to be a better defense.
I know it is awkward for Coach Rhodes having these upper classmen who have not performed well in the past, but dominate the landscape with at least having experience. But I hope they get others ready to play and have a very short leash for performances like the one described in this article.
Other than safety I am very optimistic about the defense improving. But as Bob indicated safety is crucial and the way it has been played the last two seasons…oy! I could get you a better one wholesale.

I’m right there with you.

The weakness of the defense will more than likely be the safeties this year as it was last year.

As much as I think Josh Liddell is a great kid, leader and true to his state… he’s just not that good at safety at the SEC level. Same with coley and santos who are quite similar, both big hitters and known for bad angles and missed tackles.

I know you want your most experienced guys out there, but I feel like there should be a short rope attached to them because the three all have their issues and have had time to have them corrected if possible.

I’m hoping that guys like Deon Edwards and Micah smith get their fair chance to show what they can do. I feel that new faces would be a breath of fresh air. Because I know that guys can improve in the off season, I just still don’t believe that either of the main 3 are SEC level players. I’ll get bashed for that opinion I know, but their play does show that to be true generally. Liddell had a better year last year but was still a tackling liability and in coverage.

I saw this twice today, Coley bringing his shoulder pads to a tackle, but not his arms. It won’t work in the SEC. There is only one way to tackle, use your arms to wrap up. You don’t “hit” players to the ground. Right now, defenders are not allowed to tackle low and that’s about the only way you tackle some backs in the open field with any regularity. But that’s not allowed to protect knees. So I feel for the DBs in some respect. But I am not going to say these safeties are good tacklers until I see it on a consistent basis. Today was the first day for tackling to the ground. It was just OK for the DBs. I wasn’t disappointed or surprised just because of that. But you better bring your arms to tackle on a consistent basis.