Safety next season

With Santos on the way out we know that Joe Fouche is likely to take over or Myles mason.

But I’m wondering if it’s not also likely to see two new starting safeties next season. Kam Curl hasn’t been spectacular so I don’t think it’s out of reach to wonder if the talented freshman don’t push him for it.

Curl has done a pretty good job. He has given up some big plays but where is the safety over the top? The safety is never there! The youthful Curl has had an education this season and will be a lot better next season.
The youth movement needs to speed up. We need speed on the back end of the defense and some ball sharks that look for the ball! Next year Curl might intercept the pass to the outside that he batted down today. If Pulley comes back it will help some.

I agree with all of that.

I personally don’t think we lose any to the nfl draft that are juniors. It wouldn’t be smart, none of them would go before the 4th or 5th round, but Sosa, pulley and scoota could all easily climb to the earlier rounds with another year with a better overall team.

Myles Mason will compete with Kurl for the strong safety spot. I also expect that one of the corners might get another shot at safety. That could be a cornerback commit. Chavis is famous for taking corners with cover skills and making them safeties.

What about a Curl FS

Myles SS

Foucha NB

I think you can shuffle the deck with those three players in several ways. Nickel back is an option. I also expect that a cornerback is in the mix at nickel. I do think it’s good to leave Kurl at the same spot. To keep moving him may not allow him to hit his peak. He played corner as a freshman, strong safety this season. Do you want to have him play three spots in three seasons? Maybe, but I’ve seen that stunt the development of players. He may be at his best spot now, strong safety.

Good point - shuffling positions not to mention the coaching transition from CBB to CCM era is a lot of change. Continuity is desperately needed for the program as a whole.

Of all the problems that we might have on the back end next year, losing these guys to the NFL early was one that had not occurred to me. Now I got one more thing to think about?

Austin Cantrell “moving on” may be an indicator that several who have the option to do the same may join him. Even though he is not the ideal tight end for CCM’s offense, he always seemed a solid team player. If he just feels like a fifth wheel and is tired of the struggle, he may not be the only one. Some of those will make room for better players. Pulley, Agim, and Scoota would be sorely missed.

After watching LVE perform at linebacker for Dallas last Sunday against the Eagles, has any coach considered making Cantrell into a Mike linebacker? He played offense and defense in high-school, and certainly has the physicality for it. If he is truly a duck out of water in this offense at TE, why not give him a shot at LB since he has a year of eligibility left before he moves on to life after football?

First, you have to convince Cantrell that he needs more than a degree. That seems to be his mindset right now. Could Cantrell play linebacker? Not sure. Would he have the hips to turn and chase? Not sure. I’d think of him more as an end than a linebacker.

This might be a dumb question, but is there any possibility of seeing the fullbacks move to linebacker next season? Have Jackson or Johnson played any this season?