Safety depth is a big issue, but Hogs hope Ole Miss is a turning point for Santos

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You know who I was thinking would make a good safety? Maybe and excellent one. Maybe an all SEC one. Drew Morgan. Size, speed, super-competitive, super-intelligent.

Not sure I agree. I really love his passion and he’s performed well at WR. But one thing you do see is that his body does break down with continued contact. How would he be able to handle the punishment that a safety must endure?

I’m just glad he’s playing where he is.

The one I will always wonder about is DMac. There’s no way you could NOT have him play running back, and his numbers prove that. Still, he may have been in Canton one day as a safety. Talk about prototypical size, speed and ability to deliver a hit. Plus, good hands and “play-maker” skills. He was/is the total package.

I got the NFL Sunday Ticket primarily to watch his games (don’t get many Oakland games in Texas), and one thing I noticed is that when there was an interception - and the parade of mediocre Raider QB’s threw many - McFadden was literally like a head-seeking missile. It got to where I almost felt sorry for the poor son of a gun who intercepted the ball, because he had no idea what was about to hit him. As many good runs as I’ve seen Darren make over the years, these hits after interceptions were among the most impressive plays I have seen him make.

I’d like to see the coaches working with someone like Pettway. Much better than working the pine.

It’s a good theory but a lot easier said than done to switch someone who has played on offense all their life and ask them to switch sides and play a very mentally and physically taxing position.

Any move like that would almost certainly take a year not 2 to pay dividends, if at all. And, if the player isn’t all in with the move it just isn’t going to work.

That’s before you consider that we lose 5-6 WRs after this year.