man we need some safeties on our team. curl is playing ok, but rameriz is killing us in both covering and tackling.

watching sec football yesterday, i would venture our safeties are some of the worst in the league. watching lsu’s safeties is a thing of beauty.

out of our commitments, who is targeted to play safety? can they help immediately?

Hopefully Foucha or Mason take a big step this offseason.

Without naming names the safeties recruited prior to Foucha any Myles have not panned out. One had no P5 offers so nothing much was expected and the other has been moved to LB and looks to be a career special teams guy.

So yes safeties are a huge need - as best I can tell only one in the class thus far and his name is Myles Brooks ( former Baylor commit) and Arkansas is a finalist for the highly recruited Catalon kid.

Next year’s safety crop should include:

Kamren Curl
Joe Foucha
Myles Mason
Micahh Smith

Myles Brooks

Jalen Catalon - Arkansas obviously hopes to add him

One would also think they might take a look at these guys back there

Montaric Brown
LaDarius Bishop
Britto Tutt
Derrick Munson
D’Vone McClure