Sadly, not bothered nor surprised.

It use to ruin my day and I’d get angry with a loss,
now, it has no effect. It seems my passion for the
Hawgs has been pounded into the ground for so
long, it no longer exists. Now its just a way to kill
time waiting to see a better game.

I get it. I’ve let football, basketball and baseball losses mess up and entire week. But as I age I’ve learned that their are more important things to get upset over. I want to win but I’ll be passionate about the Hogs until they lay me to rest.

I can’t help but be passionate for my Hogs!
The dumpster fire we continue to watch will end soon. Graduation and transfers will change the roster.
The recruiting has improved. Get 2 classes enrolled and things will change.
This reminds me of the John L Smith year and CBB’s first year!
It’s not the coaching staff’s fault.

Love our Razorbacks but we are at the bottom of the barrel
in the SEC.
The way I view it: If all 14 teams selected what they view
to be their 70 best players and each coaching staff taking turns got to pick/draft the 70 players they wanted from this
decreasing pool of players(840), I think the most unpicked players would be wearing a Hog uniform.

We need better players, lots of better players.

I’m getting there. I can put up with a lot. Lack of effort is the one thing that I can’t stomach.

Last year ended with a lack of effort and this one looks to be headed in that direction unless they make personnel changes.