Just to start off with. This is NOT a bash Coach Anderson post. It is acknowledged by most that Coach Anderson is one of the most honorable, decent, and honest men in college sports. Watching what has happened to him this season is just heartbreaking. It is also infuriating watching known cheaters getting hired in the SEC and being celebrated by all the so called journalists on ESPN, Fox Sports One, and most every other major news outlets. In an ideal world, Coach Anderson would be recruiting against teams and coaches that were just as honorable as he. But we live in a world where agents and shoe companies prowl high school and some junior high school gyms in search for the next Jordan, Bryant, and James. We live in a “Win at all costs.” world where the NCAA and all five power conferences turn a blind eye to the corruption in college sports. Where the blue blood programs are protected and smaller schools are made sacrificial lambs when it is necessary for the NCAA needs to pretend it cares about cheating. Coach Anderson is a victim and potential casualty of all this corruption. Like all you, I have been angry, frustrated, and saddened by what has happened. And I have called for Coach Anderson to be replaced. But I must temper my anger and bitterness. I must not forget that Coach Anderson willingly walked into a dumpster fire. The same dumpster fire that the great Dana Altman ran from. The same dumpster fire most top level coaches wouldn’t touch. Can Coach Anderson be successful in todays college sports environment? I think yes. As much as college basketball has been corrupted, there are still teams, coaches and players that will not sell thier souls for money and wins. If the powers that be decided to move on from Coach Anderson, then so be it. Coach Anderson will accept it and move on. I will remain a Razorback fan. But I would like Coach Anderson to be given one more season to turn the teams fortunes around. We’ll see what happens after the end of the season. No matter what happens, Coach Anderson will have more dignity, self respect, and honor than Howland, Pearl, or Calipari put together.

Wisdom and truth. Thanks for this post.

I agree. Coach Anderson is a good man. I have rooted for him as hard as any coaching personality ever at UA.

I’m not sure what has happened but I’m dissapointed the program is not where it needs to be at.

I hope there is a top class coming in otherwise I’m not sure what saves a good man in this day and age other than demonstrating his way can win at high levels.

Great post. Agree with everything said.

The man was paid $2MM or more annually. Presumably given everything over 8 years he needed to recruit and win, most recently a practice facility. He is the trusted custodian of a team at a good basketball school, in a state that needs its flagship university to win basketball games at a high level. It — the winning — has happened before. He has had certain player evaluation, tendencies and strategies not conducive to winning basketball in 2019, and even before.

And, finally, he will be the victim of an AD that has to work in a fan and donor atmosphere that is sick and tired of the crappy athletic program in Fayetteville and wants observable action. I’d use a stronger word to describe our football and basketball programs, but won’t.

He will almost certainly be fired for all of these reasons. Deservedly so. And while I’ll wish Mike luck, I won’t feel bad about it.


Great post, spot on !!!

Quite possible more disappointment headed your and the rest of the twitter social media bashing fans way, Just don’t think a quality coach will come near this place as has been proven in the past. If that happens you & those same fans will be calling for the AD’s job for all the same reasons above + 100.

Like you said
And to you that doesn’t mean a winning season every year no matter what’s on the court. And NCAAT 3 outta the last 4 years can still get you fired.
Any top quality coach out there reviewing this scenario will want 3-4 mill a year & a buyout that will make everyone’s pucker factor go way up.
Will the next Stan Heath please stand up-cheap.

No need to wish mike luck, he will land another good job.
I do wish the next AR BB Coach lots of luck instead.

Poor little Arkysaw. Their fans are crazy. Got a coach fired after 8 years!


Clowning the very state you live in or root for says it all. ( Poor little Arkysaw ).

No, what says it all is you proclaiming a quality coach won’t come to Arkansas. I was being faceitious with “Arkysaw.” You’re being serious. Which is astonishing.

You need to look around the so called crappy athletic program you may see just how good overall it really is. If your a hog fan you can figure that one out!

Baseball, softball, soccer, golf both women’s and men, tennis on the rise, track and field both men and women, and gymnastics. Women’s basketball on the rise.
Outside of football and men’s basketball we have had our fair share of wins!
This basketball season has been tough but we’re not in the cross hairs of the FBI either! I’m not won at all cost.

By the way what was the score last night in the Arkansas @ USC baseball game?
What is the record of the baseball team?
How many homer did one young lady hit in one game for the hogs softball team?

Are you a hog fan?

Believe I said without looking was I don’t think a quality coach would come as has been proven in the past and if he did he would probably command a 3-4 mil a year salary and huge buy out. Seeing how we run off a winning coach that just made the NCAAT 3 out of last 4 years.

And I’ll throw in this a coach that’s never had a losing season in 17 years as a HC wherever he has coached including 8 years here.
I guess that’s astonishing to.

“Are you a hog fan?”

I must say that with each disappointing season in football and basketball — the only sports you know deep inside that truly count — the answer could be “less and less each year.” Lots of losing. Hard to stomach. And yet I pay to subscribe to this board and, in part, choose read posts from likes of you and a few others from time to time. That makes me question my sanity a little, I guess. But to answer your question, I’m still a Hog fan. “Yes.”

If you are asking me
Yes I’m a Hog Fan!

But if reading posts from the likes of me makes you question your sanity. You must be walking a tight rope mentally to begin with.

For the record, I didn’t ask you if you were Hog Fan,

Wasn’t addressing you. Army…

All I’ll say is if a poster has to brag about softball, soccer, etc. it tells you just how bad things are.

With all due respect to the young people competing in the non-revenue sports, in the grand scheme of things they don’t mean much. Area businesses don’t do better financially when the soccer team is good. School and RF contributions won’t spike because Mike Neighbors rs is doing a great job rebuilding WBB. Our “brand” isn’t enhanced by the golf team going to the NCAAtournament, etc.

As long as football and men’s basketball are down - especially football - then the athletic department is down. Period.

You’re right. Can you say Shaka Smart? He was 163-56 before Texas. At Texas he is 61-59 with a $3.2M contract while Rick Barnes who they fired is competing for a National Championship at Tn. and getting paid a $1.0M less. After Pelphrey and Heath, I think if someone said your next coach is going to win 65% of his games, go to the NCAA tournament 3 out of the last 5 years (including this one), and run a clean program, sign me up! I’m ambivalent if he stays or goes. He’ll be fine with a 1.0M buyout. The new AD has no ownership in MA. I doubt he would be fighting to keep him. Unfortunately, these decisions seem to come down to the big donors (which I am not part of) making the decisions.

Excellent idea, let’s throw a pile of cash at Barnes and see if he’ll come…