sad you can't rest your starters and not dominate Grambling

every pitcher they have thrown has a era over 8…team has a hard time hitting off speed Biggers has 3 Ks

Seems like their strategy is to throw as many different pitchers as possible in hopes that the Hogs can’t get comfortable against any of them.

yep and its ridiculous we can’t hit these guys…why this team drives me crazy!! you would think we would learn our lesson but we don’t this is one of worst RPI teams in the country and we’re down 6-3 :oops: :oops:

We play to the level of our competition, it seems. Scrappy on Tuesday, dialed in on Friday.

yep and you would think we would learn!! this team is beyond horrible…Kennesaw state scored about 1000 runs in 3 games on these guys

You give any team, especially an inferior team, momentum and confidence, anything can happen.
These Hogs are a confident bunch though, and they know they can win any game.

Glad we won but embarrassing to say the least need to be able to rest the regulars and still beat an team this bad.

The committee doesn’t give style points. A win is a win, dominant or sloppy. And it’s not like we haven’t done this before. Stunk it up mid-week, played lights out on Friday. The Florida week is a prime example.


Hitting is mostly timing and these pitchers who throw 5-10 mph slower than our guys are used to really mess up the timing. Throw a bunch of different pitchers so the batters can’t get a good feel for any of them and you have the recipe for an upset or at least an ugly win by the No. 3 team in the nation.

Analyze the schedule/results of any team and you’ll find a game or two like this. The thing is, unless a Florida, FSU, LSU, etc. LOSES a game to someone like Grambling, we never know about the close “almost losses”. The MAJOR thing is to avoid those losses.

Look on the bright side - earlier this eyar, we were losing games like this. Now, we’re winning them (see ULM last week). At the end of the day, all that matters in terms of rankings, RPI and Hosting Regionals is a W or L.

The slowness of the pitching is what held the hogs up. They finally settled down. Give Grambling credit, their coach had a game plan that was working for awhile. Hogs just don’t let any deficit rattle them.

Samford beat Auburn 12-3 tonight. I would take our hard fought win versus what happened to Auburn any day of the week. Bottom line we found a way to win and that’s what’s important!

A loss would have bothered me, but it’s a win. It doesn’t bother me that we didn’t play as well as some fans would have liked. I expected something like a 14-2 game, but good gosh, let’s keep some perspective here. We won. We don’t have to dominate. This is baseball, not football. These games happen. It won’t hurt us one bit that it was a 1 run win. The NCAA won’t consider that at all.

Just got back, beautiful night, great crowd, on to the game thoughts.
I thought it was a night of one team kinda going through the motions and maybe overlooking the opponent, and another team really excited to be there, enjoying the moment and the environment. We got serious when we had to. It was a fun game. Tip of the hat to Grambling State, they came to play.

I was there, too. It was a very exciting game.

I’d like to add something to those fans who think we should have beaten Grambling by some huge margin: our offense won 7-0. Seven runs on 10 hits in 8 innings isn’t a bad night. Our defense played well, too. What happened, of course, is that Grambling managed to get 4 of 6 runs off two of our week-day pitchers in 1 inning. Those things happen. Actually, I was a bit surprised the hit to Shaddy in T8 wasn’t ruled an error even though it was going to be a tough play. Regardless, that play led to all the runs. Throw that runner out at first & it’s unlikely Grambling scored at all in that inning.

In short, it just wasn’t a bad outing for us. Grambling might have a bad RPI, but they were still .500 coming into the game. That’s not a horrible record even if it is in the SWAC. I just don’t understand the negativity following a win like this.

Grambling looked to me like a better team than the other times it has played Arkansas. There is some pop to that lineup and that is why it is averaging better than seven runs per game. Playing Arkansas in a minor league park is their Super Bowl and they came out ready to play. As Eric Cole said last night, you can’t expect to beat any team on a given night in baseball.

The Shaddy play was changed to an error after the game.

If Arkansas were only a top five team than maybe people would be happy, huh?

Calm down.

There are some issues, but not as many as most other teams. Certainly not enough to walk out on a ledge.

Cole is absolutely right. Baseball is a game of averages. The best hitters are successful 3-4 times per 10 at bats. Some times the averages come together in a crazy way. That’s why the worst teams in MLB still win 1/3 of their games.