Sad Wally................

…with a particularly pathetic sports editorial today:

  1. He tacks on Fayetteville to the University of Arkansas which is not its official name and then he fails to tack on Jonesboro to Arkansas State University which is required if you are supposedly using their official name. So much for the Demozette’s claimed “policy” of only using official names.

  2. Pretending not to be beating the old dead horse ASU-Jonesboro must play The UofA agenda, he innocently reports about an Oklahoma reporter speculating on whether ASU-Jonesboro might beat The UofA this year if they played.

  3. He whines that he has advocated for 39 years that ASU-Jonesboro should play The UofA in WMS and charge $100 a ticket and all 55,000 seats will be filled with ASU-Jonesboro fans

  4. He then goes on to imply that the Indians/Wolves don’t really care anymore about all of that since they have expanded their stadium to 35,000 which they rarely sell out making the claim that they will find 55,000 to fill WMS @ 4 times their Jonesboro ticket cost a little ridiculous, but they have some new buildings that might be good compared to their present conference but are way below Power 5 conference standards so that proves they don’t need a game against the Razorbacks.

  5. So if they don’t need it, why is this article full of whining because they haven’t got that game that they claim now to not need? Methinks he protests too much to be believable.

  6. He beats up on the long gone AD Long, again, complaining that he was mean to the nice UAPB grad who whined about The UofA playing folks in THEIR conference not named UAPB. UAPB can and does play the rent-a-win payday when they can just like their conference mates have and if one gets their payday from The UofA and the other gets it from someone else, what does it matter? They all can and do get the same payday. So, no harm no foul. Just the old lie that “they should keep their money in the state” being drug up again. Totally ridiculous.

  7. So, once again, an article filled with twists and turns all advocating by pretending not to be advocating for, whine, whine, ASU-Jonesboro to get to play The UofA.

  8. Yawn. Beating that dead old horse by pretending not to be beating that dead old horse is just beating that dead old horse…again. Yawwwwwwwwwwwwn!

  9. ASU-Jonesboro needs to play UCA for ten years and demonstrate to all the great benefits of letting a lesser in state program boost itself at your expense to one and all and maybe then it can make a case for that game with The UofA that Wally claims they don’t really want anymore.


I mentioned this at the time, but no one else seemed to notice in all of the hullabaloo, but just like this wacky wally article, he used literary devices to say one thing, but imply another. I am alluding to the article that prompted Houston Nutt to call The Show with No Name to confront Wally on the air.

If you recall, in that article Wally wrote, “yours truly did not” and then went on to spout off a laundry list of what sounded like allegations against Nutt. Then when confronted on it, he simply said “I stand by what I wrote”… basically meaning “I (Wally) did not do those things”.

Nutt should have asked him point blank if those were actual allegations and if so, do you have any evidence besides hearsay? But just like almost all of us, Nutt assumed that Wally meant what he only implied and not what he actually wrote, even though Wally never once actually accused Nutt of anything.

This is very similar to the junk he wrote on Sunday. Total shell game just to drive people nuts (pun intended).

What cracked me up this time was the editorial blunder in the 4th paragragh/sentence which made no sense at all because a word or two were missing. Seems to me that the Editor needs lots of help with his editing these days.

I grew tired of his drivel years ago. I think it is way past time for another Henry to take the helm of the Sports Section!!!

If he would take it, of course.

_ally has the title of assistant managing editor-sports, but the sense I’ve gotten is that he stopped running the sports section a long time ago. Or maybe they put that back on his plate to justify what they’re overpaying him (which would be anything above minimum wage).

Thanks for the info on his position & title… good to know. I joked to my wife yesterday about the appearance that no one at the office wants to proof-read (or even read) his stuff anymore when such an obvious uh-oh gets missed. :oops:

Not much copyediting gets done anywhere any more; they eliminated a lot of those jobs I used to have. And you can tell that by looking at print and at websites.

But when I did have one of those jobs, at the Gazette for the last three years of the war, we were told not to touch OH’s copy. Just put a headline on it. But one night I caught a mistake. Not a glaring mistake, and probably not one anyone would notice, but a factual error. I fixed it. Probably could have gotten fired for that, but no one said a word. I presume OH read his stuff the next morning and would have squawked if he had felt like it.

:smiley: Good stuff!