Sad Wally

Is Wally Hall upset because he didn’t get the need he wanted by now that “MA was let go”… I wouldn’t surprise me if he didn’t already have a pre-typed article saying moving on now was the right thing today I suspect he was looking to post that article today instead of the later

I don’t believe I’ve ever seen Wally answer questions on the message board. Might have a better chance getting an answer to your question by emailing him.

I used to wait on him at Mexico Chiguito in NLR. Worst tipper ever

Mexico Chiquito on Protho Junction road was the best Mexican restaurant in Little Rock…it was great Mexican food. Unfortunately, it died several years ago. My all time favorite was the El Cocina in White Hall on Hwy 79. Mrs. Casteel had some incredible Tex-Mex recipes and my favorite punch of all time. El Cocina has been gone for many years. I am a Tex-Mex fan, like Waly in that one respect.

When I go to Dallas, my favorite is Manny’s on Lemmon. Excellent.

i don’t necessarily like wally or read him regularly, but in this case i thought he was spot on.

i still remember when John Robert Starr i think was head of that paper and he lambasted nolan every chance he got and wally was right there with him. he lost credibility when me long long ago.

But at times, he writes a decent article, we do deserve a better basketball and football program. at least i think so.

Remember Fred Morrow at the Democrat? He was the sports editor and hated the Razorbacks with a passion. I guess it was his job to be anti-Hog and he did it well. That was during the newspaper war in Little Rock.

Oh man I loved that place

Jhang…Ms. Casteel and the El Cocina were fabulous. That was my first taste of Mexican food. Their punch recipe is floating around on FB somewhere. The El Concina was a PB icon as far as I’m concerned.

And I shall not comment on the aforementioned (alleged) columnist. Mom said if you have nothing good to say about anyone to remain quiet. Crickets…

1 - Don’t care about the wee one, IMO hasn’t written a decent article since he quit drinking.

2 - I’ll put my vote in for the old El Patio restaurant that was way out at the end of University for best Mexican in LR. I think it tied to the Brownings in the Heights, but I always thought it was better.

Since we are on Mexican food , which we love, where do people eat Mexican now, especially in central Arkansas. We’ve eaten At a lot of them but would love to find one or two more

All my buddies and I opened it up. My favorite was the chicken chimichanga

Same. I slammed those in med school like it was my job.

Turns out Wally might’ve seen this coming

Will, try Taqueria El Palenque on Rodney Parham across from US Pizza. It is great authentic Mexican food. A lot of the times you may be the only gringo table there, and it is very inexpensive.