Sad story from The Athletic

Dana O’Neil, one of their top college hoops writers, is a mom with two kids in college.

One attends Alabama and she has been frequently in the area of the Tuscaloosa shooting in December that is currently getting Nate Oats in hot water.

The other attends Michigan State and was locked down in his dorm last week while police looked for the gunman who had killed 3 students and wounded 5 others.

Basically just a mom worried about her kids, to which all of us who are parents can relate.

Paywall, but I can send you a pass for a free trial if you want.

Don’t even get me started on guns on college campuses. Or public places at all. I have super strong feelings about that. Thanks for sharing this story Jeff. Hits super close to me. On a related note, the Charleston 9 were murdered 300 yards from my old office at CofC. That same guy could have just strolled onto campus and opened fire. Easily. It would have been target practice in the middle of downtown and on the main part of campus.

Insanity. Our children are vulnerable on college campuses every day. Such easy access. Such easy targets. They deserve better.

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You won’t like it, Richard, because it doesn’t entail arming every adult to the teeth.


I don’t think discussing the solution will remain on this board. You wanna message me I’ll absolutely tell you what I think. Here’s a hint. Make obtaining a gun as hard as it is to get a drivers license. And don’t tell me it is. It is NOT.


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